You Meet All Kinds

I’m putting this up today because Monday it’s hitting 104, and I’m going to the beach. You guys can hang around if you want, but I’m an Oregonian, and anything over 90 is hotter then hell.


from theweeklybrew

Saturday night I hit Venti’s for a few pints and some pomme frites (French for fries). By the way, if you do get into Venti’s try the Raven Eye Imperial Stout. Anyway, one pint in and a guy came and sat next to me. Turns out it was Andy Barber, a guy I went to highschool with that abandoned Salem for P-Town. We caught up a bit and then ended up chatting with the girl on my right. Turns out she is a server at Thompson’s Brewery and has served me both there and at Boon’s. Then apparently another guy that graduated the same year as Andy and I was there. This was becoming a very interesting evening. I mean seriously, I’m not very social at bars, and I don’t often talk to people I who I’m not there with. Oh, and did I mention Bobby Hooper was bartending? Bobby is an awesome guy, as well as an awesome bartender.

Of course as always happens I ended up discussing beer with people. I blame Bobby for asking about the difference between a stout and a porter. Turns out Andy likes good beer too and got in on the convo, and of course the lady from Thompsons (sorry, I don’t remember your name) gave a little input as well. Later we were joined by a guy that had recently moved here from New York and was involved with their reservoir system there. Of course, I asked him about Widmer and their complaints about the Bull Run filter plan. By this point I was on pint 3, a nice blonde bock. Oh, forgot to say what number 2 was. Number 2 was a Belgian dark. We talked about treatment plans and effects on water chemistry. I really am a geek.

This kind of evening is why local pubs need our support. How many places can you have an evening like this at? By the way, Venti’s is switching to true pint’s. Wether these will be actual pint glasses and not just pint sized shakers I know not. Maybe J.R. will have more info since he’s got family ties. So get out and support your local watering hole this week.

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  1. J.R. Box says:

    Informed by Jeff Alworth’s ‘Honest Pint Project’, Dino is in the process of purchase 18 or 20 ounce glasses. The final selection will depend on which glass is more durable and cost effective. The switch to the larger glass will entail the purchase of ~ 150 new glasses.

    It is only a matter of time.

    That said, in my experience, absence an extraordinary head on a beer, the bar staff at Venti’s delivers an honest pint today. But, Alworth advocates a larger glass to ensure the customer receives what they meant to purchase.

    The implementation will occur as soon as feasible.

  2. Jared says:

    Cool, 150 new glasses is a big purchase just to make sure there’s always an honest pour.

    Ya, my experience has always been that the glasses are filled so full that I’d call it a pint regardless. Considering this fact he may want to purchase ones with a printed line. Otherwise there will be fewer pours per a keg and the profit per a glass will drop quite a bit.

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