A Summer Harvest Wine

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For a while now I’ve been fascinated with the non grape/non berry wines out there. I have watched multiple videos on making nettle wine, read about pea pod, and even brewed a sparkling tomatoe wine once. But when I decided all this extra squash we have would make good alcohol my first thought wasn’t to make wine, it was to make a vegetable beer. However after some internet searching I have come to the conclusion that wine is the best way to dispose of my zuchini and crooknecks. So far I’ve developed a basic recipe/shopping list and want some input from you guys.

Things I need:

5 gal Plastic Fermenting Bucket
Campden Tablets
Pectic Enzyme
Wine Yeast
10 Oranges
7 lemons

Things I have:

Water (no brainer eh?)
15+ lbs Zuchini (Have alot of it, will get the rest from those desperate people trying to get rid of theirs)
5+ lbs Crookneck Squash
Yeast Energizer
Yeast Nutrient
Honey (may need some more though)
Sugar (Will need about 10 lbs I believe)
Ginger (may or may not use some, haven’t decided)

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