Beer Guides, What’s The Point?


from theweeklybrew

Ever since I started this blog I’ve noticed that all the gifts I receive are beer related. While I’m not complaining I have got some interesting stuff that I don’t really use. One of those things is a Rogue Raw Materials bottle with hops and barley in it. Now back before I started brewing something like this would’ve seemed really cool. Now that I brew though and have hops and barley in the garage the idea of a decorative bottle of them just isn’t super exciting. Interestingly non brewers seem to think it’s the coolest.

Another gift I’ve recieved that just sits there is The Beer Lover’s Rating Guide. This one I can’t understand for the life of me. Number one, it isn’t comprehensive. Number two the guys a dip. Seriously, it has no value even for a¬†person interested in tasting new beers. At least he could’ve been more thorough on the tasting notes. But then this book would’ve had a purpose… I guess the author couldn’t have done that then. The only thing worth while are these little trivia factoids scattered randomly through the book. Even then some of these are wrong. Heck, the myth that traditional IPA’s had more alcohol and hops then other beers to survive the ship voyage to India and therefore are called India Pale Ales pops up. Alot of the trivia isn’t even general beer trivia, but instead is about breweries.

So other then a paperweight or decoration for the bookshelf has anyone found these kind of guides usefull? Does anyone really enjoy reading description after description of beer?


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  1. Dr Wort says:

    It’s all CRAP…… The last Beer Guide we ever bought was Michael Jackson’s Pocket Beer Companion. MJ had a nice flair for story telling, history and beer descriptions.

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