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Jeff posted a pseudo review of Lip Stinger today, and it got me thinking.

I’ve tried alot of good beers over the last few years, but what does it take for one of those good beers to become a beer I drink regularly? This question is doubly difficult since there are few beers that I turn to as regular beers. For example, when I first started drinking my mainstay was Blackwatch. It was my first stout, and at the time I found it amazingly unique and flavorful. Not that much later though I stopped drinking Blackwatch altogether. It found itself replaced with Several other stouts and porters, primarily the Black Butte and Obsidian from Deschutes. Next came Rogue. Rogue offered a diversity I hadn’t experienced, and their bottles are darn cool. Then came 1554, followed by Anchor Steam. By this time I was making enough homebrew that I’d gone almost totally to unique bombers and only bought six packs to replenish beer I gave away. This meant no regulars in the fridge as there was no room with all the homebrew in it.

Now though I’m temporarily out of homebrew (my saison still has a few months min for aging, and my roggenbier isn’t even done fermenting) and I’m finding that some of my old mainstays just aren’t cutting it. Instead I’m finding myself drawn to a few specific beers only available in bombers. Looking at these beers I’m buying now though I’ve noticed one thing. They are all beers that have something that makes them stand out, makes them memorable. Many are off style, but their flavor has something that causes me to buy it repeatedly. Take Bison’s ’07 Saison. The almost fruity tartness keeps drawing back to this beer, while Dupont (the standard for saisons it seems) remains a $10 a bottle oddity that performs average in my opinion. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the beer has to connect emotionally on some level. I know it sounds strange, but what I mean is there has to be something about the beer that appeals to whatever mood I’m in. I may like a beer one night while I’m at the bar having fun with friends on a Friday night, but all of the sudden it just doesn’t perform when I’m enjoying it over a nice quiet lunch on my own. Make sense?

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