For Lack Of A Mind

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Last night turned into a six hour brew night that ended at 3am, so my brain is dead. That means what I planned to write today is out the window since I can’t even remember. Instead I will explain how it took me 6 hours to brew a beer. That should be entertaining eh? Well, at least it will be somethin.

So how does a brew day turn into a 6 hour affair? Well first off today is one of my brothers birthday, and last night was the party. Secondly I prefer brewing in the evenings finishing up around 11-12 pm. So, I mashed in around 9 pm. Nine is a nice pleasant hour to brew. No one bugs you, and there’s nothing in terms of your daily life to interrupt. At 9:45 I discovered I had made porridge. This was my first beer using flaked rye. Normally I prefer malted rye. Porridge takes alot more time to sparge properly. The kettle didn’t even get the first hop edition till 10:15 pm. Interestingly this is my lowest hop beer…. Well at least in terms of a beer with hops. I used 0.25 oz of Chinook at 1 hour, and 0.75 oz of fuggles at 20 min. My boil finished at 11:15 and I started cooling my wort. Just after I started though I got a phone call.

You see, today is also my friend Rachels birthday, and yesterday was her party also. I’d missed out on it since I’d been at my brothers party, but at 11:20 I got my chance at redemption. Rachel had to drop Andy off just outside Portland and the girls were wondering if I wanted to go. So I got my kettle washed, everything cleaned, and added the still hot wort to the primary. and just capped it with an airlock to let it cool down while I was gone, with the plan of adding yeast when I got home. Problem is we stopped at a restaurant to play cards and didn’t get home till 3am. This meant my yeast was added to the wort six hours after I started. Even now I think the ph may be off from waiting so long. My beer is fermenting, but barely. I’ve never had such a bad lag….. Ok, I take that back. My Steam style beer had a long lag time with the lager yeast.

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  1. Señor Brew says:

    Just curious, why would your pH be off from a long wait? Whatever your pH was at the end of the boil is what it would be when you add the yeast, right? I know when the yeast ferments the beer, it brings the pH down, but there shouldn’t be any change in pH from having it sit.

  2. Jared says:

    I’m not so sure the PH was off like I thought now. I think I was just over reacting to some minor lag. After all 8 hours isn’t an unheard of lag time. Now that I think about it the beer had sat for 3 hours since I oxygenated it. Yay, now I have another possible cause for the lag.

    During initial fermentation beer is a hostile environment towards bateria. However if you wait any trace bacteria have a chance to propigate and throw off the PH. The only times I’ve heard of this happening is when people wait days, and not hours though. I have a tendancy to panic when my brew doesnt work like I think it should.

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