Lamer Then Lame

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Uncool in every single way. I think that best sums up Summer in the City this year. Many of the shops weren’t having sidewalk sales, other then the wine pavilion there was little in the way of businesses or people, and lastly they charged admit.

I ended up getting Sunday off so I could head on down. I showed up, payed my $7.50, got my free commermative wine glass and went strait into the beer pavilion. The place was deserted. Granted it was only noon and the festival had just opened, but many of the food booths still hadn’t even gotten going. I looked around and didn’t see Venti’s beer tent so I went to Straight From New York’s booth and got a slice of Pizza and a glass of Ember from Seven Brides. Not a bad way to start a festival. After I’d finished my beer 20 min later I left for the tequila themed tent. The band in the beer tent had been setting up for almost 30 min and I wanted to hear some music. I would have left sooner, but you weren’t allowed to take alcohol from pavilion to pavilion. Lame.

I found the Venti’s tent in the Garden of Agave pavilion and bought myself a Root’s Heather Ale. Maybe I’d built this beer up in my mind, because I was disappointed. Not nearly as floral as I’d wanted, and a not altogether unpleasant straw taste. In the Agave garden the one mic was not working, so none of the bands had vocals. That, and every band seemed to stop mid performance to try and fix that fact. Wandering around I realized that even at 3pm this event was still dead. The wine tent at least had people. I even saw Jeremy and Kory ( I know I spelt those names wrong ) who I’d met at Club 6 the night before. Also I saw Leslie outside Napoleons.

So to sum up the festival, Lame. I spent to much money on average wines and a poor selection of beer. The bands took to long to get going. The best part of the afternoon was grabbing fish tacos from La Perla before heading home.

Anyone have a different reaction?

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3 Responses to “Lamer Then Lame”

  1. jrbox says:

    My wife and I were there Saturday noon to ~4p. It was a good time for us.

    On arrival, we checked out the food offering and selected Adam’s Rib’s pork sandwich plate. The pork and coleslaw were excellent; the corn-on-cob, not so. We augmented dinner with RootO Heather Ale; an excellent ale.

    We then sidewalk table shopped around the block to the north. No purchase.

    Then, we settled in at a rear table near the main stage and really enjoyed Ivier-Meziere Big Band, a geezer group of very accomplished musicians playing jazzy classic rock. I fetched a Heather Ale for my wife; I enjoyed a Seven Brides Lil’s Pils. We played two set of cribbage while enjoying the music. At the completion of the excellent music set, we purchased alway pleasing gelatos from Napoleon; on completion we walked home. It was a nice Summer [afternoon] In The City for us. btw, I notice Garry Meziere is playing at the Willamette Noodle Co, next Wednesday, and Kathken Vineyard, next Saturday. He group was very good; I reckon he is very good.

    On the downside, I went to the SITC Sunday afternoon at 5p to enjoy another pint of RootO Heather Ale. I tried to enter the West section at 515p to purchase a beer. The young women told me I would have to pay full admission [for the last 45 minutes]; I told her that was silly and left disappointed.

  2. Jared says:

    Was Saturday different then Sunday in terms of participation by businesses? Sunday the sidewalks were fairly empty. I may have just gone on the wrong day it sounds like. I guess I was expecting more from the festival with the positive things I was hearing about it. I love the art fair at Bush Park, and was hoping for something similar. Napoleans is always amazing 🙂

    The heather ale wasn’t bad, I guess I was just expecting more in terms of an herbal floral character. Heather is an herb I don’t have to much experience with. Like I said it had a pleasant straw flavor, but that was the only defining characteristic I picked up. I would have loved something richer in the way of malt. Some smokiness would’ve been nice too since traditionaly a heather ale would have grain that was kiln dried over a wood or peat fire. Maybe the fact that I’d had an Ember before didn’t help though since the Ember has much stronger flavors at play. You guys putting what’s left in the kegs on tap next? Good choice on the Lils by the way. It’s a great beer.

  3. jrbox says:

    The four partial kegs left from the SITC will be offered at Venti’s as space becomes available. As you likely noticed, 2 of the 4 beers were already on tap [Lompoc LSD (in the basement) and Ninkasi Tricerahops (in the cafe] so they will just fall in line. The Captured by Porches – Amber and the RootsO – Heather will appear in time.

    I will send a dispatch when the RootsO is on.

    I am yet to find an Amber, Brown, or Red ales that really appeals to my palate. I will keep testing as the opportunities arise.

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