Pliny At Venti’s


Quick thing, as of Sunday evening Pliny the Elder has been tapped at Venti’s. Pliny is an amazing beer and is worth swinging by for some. So if you live in Salem/Keizer get your butt over there. JR predicts it won’t even last till Tuesday, and I have to say he’s probably right.

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  1. J.R. Box says:

    Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009,

    Russian River’s Pliny the Elder, an exceptional 2X IPA; piney & citrusy aromas; earthy, floral hops flavors; persist. Ie, is still available in Venti’s Basement Bar, 4 to 11p, M-Thur.

    Demonstrating that precognition and predicting, auguring, presaging the future remains beyond my ken.


  2. kchophead says:

    Do you guys ever get to see the Younger? If so I’ll have to have you send me a growler 🙂

  3. Jared says:

    Younger ESB by Rouge??? I haven’t seen it in Salem/Keizer. Even if Venti’s put it up they don’t do growlers as far as I know…..

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