Sad Day

from theweeklybrew

laundrybluessadfaceI planned on doing a nice post about the craft beer tent at Summer in the City next weekend, but to be honest I don’t really feel like it today. Why? Because I just checked the beer fridge and I’m out of homebrew. In fact I’m almost out of commercial beer too. I have exactly one 12oz bottle left. Granted I have those big beautiful beers cellaring, but I can’t touch them till next year.

So how does this happen? How do I go from being at the point where I was happily giving homebrew away to having none? Well first it started with a reduction in brewing. The fridge was full, and I had cases of homebrew all over the garage. I was drinking up to a six pack of homebrew a day in an attempt to make room (got to be a problem when I got to my big IPA). There was no room for commercial beer in the fridge either so I decided to cut back. The last beer I brewed was my saison, and that is still sitting in the carboy, refusing to clear. On top of that I’ve been busy, which means I forget to buy beer during the day. Then I’d get home in the evening, open the fridge, and realize I was almost out.

So starting this month I need to start brewing more. On the list is my wine I want to brew, possibly another rye, my rose red, a heather ale, and another batch of my sour herbal red. So I have alot to brew in the next few months. Oh ya, that one commercial beer is a Full Sail ltd lager….. It sucks.

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