Salem Beer Festival No More?

from theweeklybrew


I was hoping to have a definitive answer on the status of the Mission Mill Beer Festival back in July, but due to a computer issue not all the club members received emails about the meeting. This Saturday however was the August meeting for Capitol Brewers, and the status of the festival is unknown. It does seem however that Capitol Brewers is no longer involved in planning it. For the original post about it click here.

Everyone knew that May was short notice for planning a full festival, but there was hope it could get off the ground anyway. I haven’t heard any news about whether or not they’ll aim for next year. I really hope though that this festival is delayed and not dead in the water. I think Salem is ready for a real beer festival (sorry McMenamins, Barley Cup doesn’t count). I will try to gather some more info and let you guys know the status of this idea.

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