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I’m posting late today because I spent my whole morning preparing stuff for my summer harvest wine. 18 lbs of squash, 10 oranges, 4 lemons, 1 ginger root, some tid bits, and 15 lbs of sugar later I was finished. I also was using super glue to reatach some skin to my thumb. That was all over an hour ago though. More then enough time to blog right? Well I got distracted catching up on blog reading. In particular here’s what distracted me.

Jared had commented in the last posting, making it clear that he “gets it.” It’s not about good beer vs bad beer. It’s about personal interest in what’s being served and the glut of Beer Fests that are available.

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That’s from Dr Worts blog. Apparently I get something, what an interesting feeling.

This is all part of the continuing saga about yet another beer fest in Oregon. It started with Jeff at Beervana getting somewhat excited. Then Dr Wort tried to crash the party. A backlash the ensued. After all this the crew at Dr Wort did a couple posts on it over at their blog, here and here. I left the following comment on the second one, and apparently hit the nail on the head.

There’s good breweries on the list, but even looking at it I can get an idea of some of the beers they’ll be serving up. There will probably be Chili Beer, We know Fred will be there, and I’d put money on Lil’s Pills and that blonde Three Creeks serves up. For people who are knew to craft beer or haven’t tried these breweries before it’ll be enjoyable. For the rest of us…. Meh
Maybe I’m just reading your blog to much. For some reason my urge to attend alot of these festivals dried up after the Oregon Gardens Beer Fest.
Dont get me wrong, I enjoy these beers. I just see no reason to go out of my way to attend more then a couple of these festivals a year.

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  1. dr wort says:

    You get it… I get it…. why doesn’t everybody else get it???


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