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With the beer fridges stock descimated it is time to rebuild, and since I haven’t gotten my rye started that means commercial beers rather then homebrew shall stock it’s shelves. The problem is the beers I’ve stocked the fridge with so far are ones I don’t want to open for a while. Just yesterday I added an ’07 saison, another bottle of Black Butte XXI, and a bottle of Fullers Vintage Ale from ’06 that I found mixed with the ’08 series.Sometimes it’s worth digging around at the bottle store to see what you can find. All of these are beers that would benefit with further aging, and I can therefore not bring myself to open them. So while the fridge has beer once again it’s all beer I  can’t touch. This is a serious dilemma. I need something other then Anchor Steam and Deschutes Green Lakes for drinking in the evening. I also really want to crack that bloody saison! I tried another bottle of it a month ago and it was superb. I guess my problem is that many of these great beers I like are ones that taste best with some ageing, and I just can’t bring myself to open these beers anymore. It’s really getting to be a problem. Why oh why did I ever decide to start ageing my beer? Why can’t things go back to the way they were when I drank everything without even considering the benefits of ageing it?

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