Best BMC Recipes

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Might as well spend my last two days of BMC week doing some fun posts. Here are a couple of my favorite BMC clone recipes from some homebrew forums.

1)  Some two-row and some rice solids. As for hops, show the wort a picture of Hallertau for about 20 seconds. Then lager.

2)  2.5lbs 2-row
3lbs flaked rice
.1oz Cascade 60mins
wyeast 2035
before bottling, piss in the bottling bucket to taste.
should be about right

And of course the obligatory horse reference

Find a beer you like, pour into a bucket. Have horse drink said beer from bucket, collect from other end. Chill for that “pure” beer flavor.

4 Responses to “Best BMC Recipes”

  1. Dr Wort says:

    Now that be some fine brewin’ Jethro!


  2. kchophead says:

    For Miller Lite, you’ll need to show that picture of the hops at 3 different 5 second intervals in order to be “triple hops brewed”.

  3. Jared says:

    Ha ha ha!
    I actually laughed out loud at work when I read that. Great point. When I first heard that slogan I thought doesn’t everyone have at least three hop additions?

  4. John says:

    Some people have 8.

    5 lbs dme.
    1.5 oz Tettnang (60)

    American strain with little to no esters.
    Lager for 4 weeks.

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