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vtweetUsually I don’t get to excited about brewers dinners. They’re usually way overblown affairs where you eat courses made with beer as an ingredient, and served that beer as a beverage to accompany the course. Not an unusual idea. Heck, go to a Packers game and they’ll serve you the same BMC as the sausage was boiled in. It’ll also be cheaper at a Packers game. The fare is usually top notch, unlike tailgate food, but for the prices charged I’d rather stay at home and dine with family and friends.

All that to say Venti’s is hosting a brewers dinner on October 18. The brewery is Ft George, and the price is $40. If your interested here’s what’s being dished up.

  • Appetizer: Braised tornado of lamb and grilled salmon mousseline, paired with Vortex IPA
  • Salad: Frisee, radicchio, watercress, & arugula, tomato with salt pork lardons and fresh croutons with a Divinity Ale vinagrette, paired with Divinity Ale
  • Entree: Duck Fat braised short ribs with a lamb and stout beer demi & celery root puree, paired with Cavatica Stout
  • Dessert: Chocolate Torte paired with Coffee Girl Espresso Stout

There are only 40 spots available, so if you want in call Venti’s or stop by. Ticket sales for it start September 23

325 Court St NE
Salem, OR
tel. 503-399-8733

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6 Responses to “Brewers Dinner In Salem”

  1. Dr Wort says:

    Sounds pretty damn good! What’s the cost for this shindig?

  2. Jared says:

    “The brewery is Ft George, and the price is $40”

  3. Capital Taps says:

    You know, when I first saw the Ventitweet, I hoped it would be with regular venticuisine. Good bar food and good beer. That’s perfect. This is too much in the winemaker dinner model – too fancy, too much beer-is-like-wine. Will Venti’s devote four full taps to these beers and pour them for a while after the dinner? Brown’s has the Ninkasi focus, and it’d be cool for Venti’s sometimes to throw a little focus on the taplist now and then.

  4. Beer-sentric says:

    Hmmmmm….. Troubling thoughts! Beer is beer, wine is wine, but both are used in cooking and can be paired with food. In many countries beer has been used in cooking for thousands of years and very often paired with a meal or course….. just like Wine. We can’t separate they’re attraction in culinary circles based on the American vision of beer being a working class/pedestrian beverage that’s only paired with simple pedestrian foods. That’s a narrow scope, left over from the Big Commercial Beer generations. Oh, and current NASCAR fans… ;-}

    Why would we want to dumb down beer and the multitude of culinary acquisitions. This isn’t your daddies old Shlitz and a bag of beer nuts.

    Here’s a respectable Beer Dinner for those who understand the culinary possibilities of beer. Too pretentious? I think they still sell cheap beer and peanuts… ;-}

    Toronado Belgian Beer Dinner

    First Course

    Charcuturie Platter

    homemade pork pate infused with Rochefort 8 soaked figs and pistachios, Chimay Red duck rillettes, easter egg radishes, De Ranke Père Noël poached bosc pears, dried apricot and Hanssens Oude Gueuze mustard and with local breads

    Petrus Oude Bruin
    Affligem Noel

    Second Course

    poached white asparagus, black truffles, watercress, black trumpet mushrooms, fennel pollen with a Orval emulsion


    Third Course

    Kriek Marbled Foie Gras
    Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek marinated foie gras tourchon, mache leaf, De Struise Pannepot ‘caviar’, black flaked sea salt, hibiscus Drie Fonteine Oude Geuze Syrup

    Chimay Grand Reserve 3L 2001
    Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse 2005

    Fourth Course

    Potato and Leek Soup
    purple potatoes pureed with local leeks, Fantôme La Dalmatienne and organic cream

    De Ranke XX Bitter

    Fifth Course

    Duck Braised in Consecration
    duck legs infused with Russian River Consecration cooked sous vide with leeks. shallots, thyme, currants, dried sour cherries, topped with a duck Consecration demi-glace and
    almond oil powder

    De Dolle Oerbier Reserva 2002
    Rodenbach Grand Cru

    Sixth Course

    Pork Belly
    Serafin Grand Cru cured Sonoma pork belly with Temptation-pickled brussels sprouts slaw topped with a date, prune & fig Scaldis Noel bbq sauce

    Du Pont Avec Les Bons Voeux
    De Blaugies Darbyste

    Seventh Course

    Assorted Belgian Cheeses

    Affligem Trappist style, made with beer, cow’s milk
    Chimay rind washed with Chimay, cow’s milk
    Orval med. soft, Trappist style, cow’s milk
    Pate à Chouffe soft rounds, made with a Chouffe, cow’s milk
    Petrus med. firm, made with Petrus, cow’s milk
    St Bernardus med. hard, made with Watou beer, cow’s milk
    Val Dieu Trappist stype, med. hard, made with Val Dieu, cow’s milk
    Westvleteren small rounds, made with Westvleteren beer, cow’s milk
    Westvleteren softer cheese, not made with beer, cow’s milk

    rhubarb and Rodenbach Grand Cru jam, Saucerful of Secrets wort honey, marinated pearl onions, cinnamon & clove smoked almonds, grapefruit zest celery salt and bruges biscuits

    Cantillon Iris
    Achel Trappist Extra Bruin

    Eighth Course

    Hop Shoots
    lightly blanched tender hop shoots from Moonlight Farms with a bone marrow &
    Cantillon Iris gastrique

    Poperings Hommel Bier

    Ninth Course

    Moinette & Marin Butter Poached Lobster
    sliced on a disc of quail egg pain perdu with Tripel Karmeliet & duck fat aioli and
    a green herb sauce

    Westmalle Tripel
    Mauleur Bière Brut

    Tenth Course

    Cod and Mussel Waterzooi
    carrots, spring leeks, baby fennel, fingerling potatoes, Brugse Zot, fish stock and local cream

    Dupont Foret

    Eleventh Course

    Scaldis Prestige Spiked Crème Brulee
    beer reduction infused with Belgian sugars and vanilla beans
    and Fresh Raspberries

    De Struise T’sjeeses

    Twelfth Course

    It’s Wafer Thin…
    Belgian madelines with orange peel and grains of paradise,
    Delirium Noel caramel dark chocolate truffle,
    Cascade Apricot Ale crème scented with crystallized ginger and
    candied tangerine peel in dark chocolate shell,
    Valley Brewing Quad Caramel in milk chocolate truffle
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2006 injected first of the season
    strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

    De Struise Black Albert
    Firestone Walker Saucerful of Secrets 2007

    (Kind of makes Venti’s beer dinner look like chip beef on toast, but at least they’re trying)

  5. Jared says:


    I gained weight reading that menu. I understand beer and wine are used in cooking. However I dont pair the same wine I use to deglaze the pan when making lamb stew. Honostly, I’m a simple man. I’ll take some homemade Dahi Murg paired with my favorite blond or pilsner anyday over something that’s that many courses. My philosophy is simple, good beer, with good food, and good friends. Nowhere in that philosophy is there a meal plan full of courses and little glasses of beer 🙂


    I felt the same way. I would love to see them cook their yellow curry with some hop shoots and pair it with a nice british IPA, or take their Thai Peanut Bowl and see what kind of beer twist they could add. I passed on that thought of making the next one they do more of a Venti’s thing to Leslie and she agreed with it.

  6. Dr Wort says:


    Don’t limit yourself to being just a “Simple Man!” You’re exploring the world of beer beyond a simple man, so it’s time to explore your food palate too! You need to redefine your thoughts on what “Good Food” and “Good Beer” can really be.

    It sounds like your palate is ready for something beyond!

    Remember, the Simple Man drinks Budmilloors and doesn’t deviate. You do! British pub food is nice, but there’s a whole new world to explore.

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