Dealing With Teatotalers

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Recently I started dating again for the first time in over a year. Ironically I, a homebrewer and beer geek, am dating a girl who cant drink, not one drop. Now Rachel isn’t a teetotaler, she is just under contract, and not aloud to drink while under contract. Not drinking while with her has reminded me of something though. There are people out there who don’t drink, either because of beliefs, or for personal reasons they choose not to imbibe in alcohol.

Living with these people in our day to day lives can be a challenge. There are some people out there who see us drinkers at bars, out on the lawn, or around town and automatically assume we are of a shady character. The truth is though many of us drinkers are just as bad. We group people who don’t drink as religious nuts. We chalk up their feelings towards alcohol as ignorance. The reality is everyone has their personal reasons for not drinking.

Personally I grew up with alcoholics scattered throughout my family. Luckily none of these people are in my direct bloodline, yet still, I have seen lives torn apart by alcohol. I’ve watched as even beer kedpt a family member mired in alcoholism and destroyed their relationship with their daughter. I saw first hand my cousin have a strong allergic reaction to a beer. The reality is we live in a world of people with their own demons, their own beliefs, and their own health issues.

More then usual I’ve been paying attention to the people around me and how they tie in with my brewing, and my passion for beer. Also I’ve kept a lookout for peoples reactions to others. Living in a country that is fond of the word “rights”, and seeing the way people act I can’t help but think that we may be helping foster a society that doesn’t view beer like you and I do. I watch beer snobs belittle people who don’t share their sense of taste. I watch as beer lovers get togther and drink themselves to stupidity, and all in the name of good beer (Oktoberfest anyone? Or most beer festivals for that matter?).

Personally I think some brewers and beer drinkers need to wake up and realize life is not all about beer.

I’m not exactly sure why I felt like I needed to write this. Perhaps a little sanity needs to be injected in to an industry run purely on hype, rights, and an idea that somehow your opinion supersedes others.

Anyway take this how you will. I’ll get back in the groove tomorrow. I just needed to type this out so that it was no longer nagging at me. Amazing the effect one rediculous drunk and his comments can have.

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  1. KileyB says:

    I agree with this. It’s well thought out and well said.

  2. Dr Wort says:

    You are right…. Life should not be just about beer or any other alcoholic beverage. Life should be about gaining new experiences, responsibilities of life/family and absorbing knowledge in a worldly fashion.

    Don’t get me started on the limitations that religions put into ones life. Why do we burden ourselves?

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