Future Brewery??

So in case you haven’t heard (really not many have) Venti’s is going to be in a movie. Very few people who saw this picture of the following beer¬†on Leslies Facebook¬†though knew of the movie.


JR has a whole post on the movie at Venti’s, although if you read it you may walk away wondering if Venti’s really is a brewery.

Leslie assured me when she first let me in on this that Venti’s doesn’t have a secret brewery, but that it’s a possibility in the future (the brewery, not the secret part). This is why I’ve been asking those questions about what people in Salem are looking for in a brewery.


4 Responses to “Future Brewery??”

  1. jrbox says:

    You are correct. I will revise the blog to clarify.

    The beer labels are for a fictitious brewery; just a little guerrilla marketing. Albeit, it is likely that very few people in Williamette Valley will see the Tradecraft Films, Inc., movie.

    The obscuration / opacity was unintentional, not dissembling.

  2. Carlos says:

    Where can I see this movie Jared?

  3. Jared says:

    I;m not sure you’ll be able to. Jack would be the person to talk to

  4. jrbox says:

    I will get back to ya’ll on that. I do not even know the production schedule.

    We will be provided a film clip of Venti’s Beer’s 15 seconds of fame. It will be posted on Venti’s Cafe site / blog.

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