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I know I haven’t been consistent lately, or even posting great posts, but there are reasons. I’ll give you those reasons later though. For now I’m curious. If you could build a brewery from the ground up, without cost being an issue, what would you brew?

Would you go with the 80’s/90’s brewpub model with a basic lineup of IPA/brown/stout?

Would you build an eco friendly brewery that was concerned about production impacts (hey it seems to be a trend), or would you go all out (best equipment, methods, and ingredients)?

Would you release consistent seasonals? Or change things up every year?

Would you have a special brewers reserve line of great unique beers? Or would you only produce great unique beers?

Go hog wild and dream up your favorite brewery, then let me know what it would look like.

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  1. John says:

    So start with the basics. Get about 10-12 beers on tap that everyone can get acquainted with and recognize and come in for. Conventional stuff, ipa, stout, hefe, red, and throw in a few things that people will like but wont know anything about. Dopplebock, pre prohabition cream ale, german dunkelweissbier.
    After you get a good fan base, and a couple good fry cooks, I would release my strategy. Everything seasonal. For every different season, a line of 8 or so different beers. A vote of the customers can take place to hold onto a few of the favorites for the next season, but other than that, just go wild.
    Promote drinker awareness constantly. Have the most enlightnened staff, give out monthly brewing lessons to the public, really get involved with all the community activities.
    The food will be bar food. Nothing too fancy, but everything made well.
    But thats just the house stuff, I wouldnt know what to do with a the brewery.

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