Lompoc Proves A Point

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For some reason I’m getting press releases from breweries whom I havent even asked to recieve updates on. Since Lompoc added me to their list without me knowing I feel I can rip on their newsletter freely. Here’s an excerpt.

Other beers on the menu include Smoked Gold, a twist on the brewery’s popular Fool’s Gold that includes the addition of beechwood smoked malt for a subtle note of wood smoke; Flower of the Gods IPA, a summer seasonal hopped with Simcoe and Tettnangers for a slight citrus flavor followed by a spicy finish; Barrel Fermented Red, Lompoc’s Proletariat Red 100% fermented in a vintage white English oak barrel for a malty and full bodied ale with a deep, rich red color and a slight touch of oak; and Bourbon Barrel Aged LSD, a deep mahogany strong ale crafted with seven specialty malts, then aged in bourbon barrels for three months and cellared for an additional 10.

Both Capitol Taps and myself have discussed the obsurdity of this barrel aged fad. If we needed any written proof this is it. As you read the whole press release you get the feeling that they are a stranger enticing you towards their van with candy. Ok, thats an overstatement. You do get the feeling though that their bribing you to come with promises of God smackingly beautiful beers. The truth is every barrel aged beer I’ve had has not been dramaticly different then the non barrel aged version. It shouldn’t after all. This actually ties in with something from Jeffs blog Beervana. There Jeff discusses the habbit of charging premium prices for beers. Barrel aged beers fall into this category. It seems even being in the same room as a wooden barrel can raise a beers price.

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4 Responses to “Lompoc Proves A Point”

  1. Carlos says:


    Me and my wife both LOVEEEEEE LOMPOC beer! Did I mention we love this beer??? No really, we have been buying the 20oz at Roths and enjoying everyone of them.
    The Hedge House in Portland was fun also. The owners are die hard Steeler fans and they show all Steeler games! Great food too.

    Go Beavers!

  2. Jared says:

    Have you had their Strong Draft? Good beer

  3. Capital Taps says:

    Ha! If wine has become the effete beverage of the aristocracy and nouveau riche, and those who strive after them, then a barrel fermented Proletariat Red is a fine set of mixed messaging!

    Yup, the rhetoric and marketing is a little overheated. This is a great find!

    I think the next step for brewers is to follow the Scotch model – port-finished, sherry-finished, american oak-finished, french-oak finished….you get the idea.

  4. Señor Brew says:

    I had a bourbon barrel aged pale ale at beer fest that was amazing. I found out from the brewer that it wasn’t commercially available, they just had it in their tasting room, and would bring it to fests. (Since I couldn’t buy it anywhere, I immediately forgot which brewery it was from). So I would disagree that barrel aged beers taste like their non-aged version–this one was dramatically different–and much better.

    Secondly, as I just read in the comments section of another post in your blog: http://www.theweeklybrew.com/2009/09/fall-is-here/ if you think about it, traditionally, all beers were barreled. It’s just in modern times that we’ve gone to bottles or kegs. So is it just a fad, as you suggest, or are we getting back to the roots of brewing tradition?

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