Sudsy Beer Is Good??

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So I’ve already gone through something like 4 or 5 imperial pints of my Gooseberry and Yarrow Farmhouse Ale (name needs work) in the last two days, and boy is it good. The interesting thing is each one has a soap bubble character when poored from the bottle, yet in the glass looks, and tastes, fine.

I’ve already diagnosed the problem. In fact this is the easiest problem I’ve had to diagnose to date. When I made up my batch of StarSan to sanitize my bottles and equipment I made it up per the directions on the bottle. I have since learned that the directions are a little heavy handed. I should have realized it sooner though when I was fretting over the coating that was left after draining the sanitizer from the bottles. Instead of doing something though I let them dry, sitting down I might add (don’t have a drying rack). The end result was a slight StarSan film was left in the bottom. This is what caused soap like bubbles to appear in the bottle.

Despite this though my beer is great. The head is thick and fluffy, the flavor is almost spot on (could be slightly drier), even the aroma is good. It’s just the soap bubbles in the bottle preventing me from calling it great. Then again I’m at like 80 oz of this stuff, so I can’t very well call it bad.

Anyone else had this issue with StarSan?


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  1. Scott S says:

    I’ve used starsan for a long time and never had this problem. I have a feeling it is more likely a characteristic of your beer than anything to do with starsan. I know there has been a lot of talk about the foam from starsan and discussion on washing it out or not, and I listened to an interview with the owner of 5 Star chemical that really cleared up a lot of these issues. It was a brewing network show…

  2. Jared says:

    Great show. Thanks for the link.

    From what I gathered It is possible for it to be StarSan causing it. StarSan is based on a detergent that has been acidified with phosphoric acid. Head retention isn’t really the issue in this case. The bubbles look similar to the ones StarSan left when I poured it out of the bottles before drying, so that’s why I’m thinking that’s it. StarSan is the only change I made to the process also. I’m wondering if after a little aging the detergent will break down and be eaten by the yeast like Charlie was saying it is in the wort.

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