Things Beer Geeks Like

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I completely missed my opportunity to mock the geek culture on Friday. I do apologize. This week has been crazy (crazy fun) and I didn’t even realize it was Saturday till I looked at the calendar on my computer not 5 min ago.

Trashing Adjuncts


Any true geek knows that adjuncts are the Satan’s sack sweat of the beer world. If you believe a good beer can contain corn or rice then you should re-evaluate your geek status…. Or so geeks say. Beer geeks love to trash American Light Lager especially because it contains other grains besides barley. Very few of them understand the history of light lagers or adjunct brewing, and even fewer know the history of the Reinheitsgebot. This doesn’t stop them though from asserting the superiority of any beer brewed to it’s outdated standards.

The irony of this situation is that non barley beers are becoming more popular with beer geeks. We’re not talking the standard exception wheat has always received either. Many geeks are discovering the blatant spicyness of rye, the gluten free beers of sorghum (rice and corn are gluten free, but unacceptable), also oats are finding their way into more then just stouts now. Still though these adjuncts are acceptable because they aren’t common in American Lager, and if it’s not something that would make it into a can of Bud then it must be good.

Beer geeks even have their own name for beers brewed with adjuncts. You’ll often find them refering to them as BMC, Fizzy Yellow Beer, or just plain crap while quaffing an americanized British ale. Many of these adjunct haters seem to not be as big of fans of lagers overall, but no one considers their opinions suspect. And despite their protests beer geeks can’t deny that adjunct based beers are still extremely popular. This leaves them bitter and jaded. Beer geeks often feel the need to degrade anyone who would drink a beer containing corn or rice. Many beer geeks also feel they have a sophisticated palate because of their disdain for adjunct beers and will ostracize geeks who claim to enjoy a corn/rice based beer.

So next time you see a guy drinking a adjunct based beer embrace your hatred and harness the full power of the dark side of the force.

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3 Responses to “Things Beer Geeks Like”

  1. Capital Taps says:

    I want to see a craft brewer seriously embrace the adjunct! I mean the bourbon barrels they use to lard the porters and stouts are blessed by corn more than barley. I’m not sure I want to taste a hopped-up sake, but what about a beer whose grain bill was primarily corn? What would a hopped beer made from sour mash taste like?

  2. kchophead says:

    Our KC local brewmaster for Boulevard, Steven Pauwels is caught explaining that using some adjuncts like corn in small amounts can be used for good in craft beers:

  3. Capital Taps says:

    Forgot about Hitachino Red Rice – yup, a beer with lots of rice in it. That’s sorta like hopped up sake, and it’s an intriguing beer.

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