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Rockstar Brewers

No, I’m not refering to Badass Beer, Kid Rocks attempt at using his name to market a beer using his fame. What I’m refering to is a comment made by Greg Koch that has now spawned the phrase rockstar brewer. At least Gregs keynote speech is the first time I remember hearing it. Ironically Greg himself is one of these self proclaimed rockstars. Kinda funny since Greg is Stone Brewings CEO, and not it’s head brewer. This doesn’t stop him or other rockstars from parading around with all the pomp that the phrase emplies they would have.

To be fair these guys really are rockstars. Instead of shredding a guitar they work in a brewery. Like a rockstar they don’t always write their own music. They just recycle the same old beer styles and recipes from everywhere and put a little of their own spin on it. Occasionally they will colaborate with other rockstars of the brewing world to bestow a mythic brew upon us lowely peasants. One primary difference is instead of being followed by swooning girls who hang on their every world they’re followed by guys with beer guts who act like said girls. They write books, slap their brand on tshirts, and hand out advice as if theirs is the only way. Heck, they even spend most of their free time supporting causes and rallying their fans to stick it to the man, just like real rockstars.

So who are these rockstars? Well there is no be all end all list. Just like a Rolling Stone top 100 list their is always dispute over some of the smaller “indie” artists, and big name headliners who deserve recognition. There is however a basic list of 4 that no one disputes.

  • Greg Koch – Stone Brewing Co

  • Peter Bouckaert – New Belgium Brewing Company

  • Sam Calagione – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

  • Vinnie Cilurzo – Russian River Brewing Company

These 4 are the subject of every beer geeks wet dreams. They covet and hord special releases of their beers. Whenever a new beer is released it skyrockets to the top of the Beeradvocate rating lists without fail. Nevermind that many of these beers released haven’t even seen the minimum aging before the geeks buy them up and suck them down. Nevermind that they never match up to the hype. They are the Gods of beer and we are not worthy.


2 Responses to “Things Beer Geeks Like”

  1. Dr Wort says:

    Ah yes…. the Beer Gods…. how that list changes so frequently. Just like many Rock Stars, they can be a flash in the pan or stand the test of time. If it involved mass appeal and trends, ones fame can be fleeting.

    Riding the wave could be quite a trip, but that wave will more than likely wash out.

    I think we could add Adam Avery and Tomme Arthur to this CURRENT top 40 list.

  2. Jared says:

    I almost added Avery to make the list 5, but I looked around online and saw these four consistantly.

    The irony is not all of these guys actually do the brewing. Greg for certain doesn’t. While Sam does still brew, his beers are a different beer then the ones that hit the shelves. Selders modifies the recipes slightly to fit a commercial brewing scale. Also Selders has more experience with the technical side of brewing where as Sam admits he just goes with his gut regardless. I’d be up for removing those two at least from the list, but that would be blasphemy 🙂

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