To Early For Winter?

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Currently I’m suffering from what I’m thinking is a sinus infection. This means I need meds to clear my head and get through work. Anyway, I was in Albertsons grabbing meds today and noticed Jubelale is already on the shelf. Is it really the time for winter seasonals? Keep in mind I’m looking forward to winter beers. I even did a post on the ones I’m waiting for. My question though is is it to early for Deschutes to release Jubelale?

Jubelale has become the defining winter seasonal in Oregon. When it hits the shelves is when winter beer is “officially” ok to drink. It’s disappearance is also the defining moment of the start of spring beers. So what on earth is it doing on store shelves in September????

The Brew Sitedescribes it as “hot and green” which is to be expected.  After all, this beer needs age to round out it’s flavors. So why isn’t Deschutes holding back the release for a few months to give their product  a more typical winter flavor? Could this actually hurt them as a company? For an iconic beer like Jubelale serving it up early and green could harm it’s reputation with non beer geeks and beer geek wannabe who enjoy it.


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  1. Dr Wort says:

    What’s the big deal….? It’s just a Porter! Why do people get so excited about this beer? It’s a 6.7%, 60 IBU Porter. Yes, it’s USUALLY a good Porter, but it’s still just a Porter.

    Want a good Holiday Beer gone Bad many years ago? Try sucking down some of those poorly made and usually under fermented tasting Snow Cap Ale from Pyramid! aka SNOW CRAP. ;-}

  2. Jared says:

    I have a simple rule about Pyramids beers. I just don’t by them. I have yet to buy one without being dissapointed. So no snow cap for me.

    Snow Plow on the other hand….. 🙂

  3. Dr Wort says:

    Snow Plow! Oh come man! So easily tempted by a lame Mackeson Milk Stout knock off? Go out and buy the original Mackeson Milk Stout and taste what Snow Plow is supposed to taste like. ;-}

    BTW, I’m old enough to remember when Pyramid was good! Scary!

  4. Dr Wort says:

    Since we’re talking about Stouts….

    Here’s some to try if you haven’t already:

    Dark Lord RIS – Three Floyds BC
    Expedition RIS – Bell’s BC
    Double Cream Stout – Bell’s BC
    Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout – Anderson Valley

  5. Capital Taps says:

    Regardless of its style – winter warmer or porter or something else – a holiday ale this early is like Christmas shit in the stores before Thanksgiving. Not right. They oughta wait until after Halloween.

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