Browns Towne Mini Fest

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Is it bad that the only picture online of browns towne has a glass of BMC?

Is it bad that the only picture online of browns towne has a glass of BMC?

I know I’m late on this. Eat Salem and Capitol Taps have both reported on it. With everything going on though I never got around to write anything on it. Not to mention the people who plan Salem’s events are horrible about playing to the markets that would be interested in them. Most downtown events are marketed using a banner over by the Phoenix Inn, word of mouth, fliers in downtown restaurants and that’s it. If the people in charge of this were to have contacted the few beer blogs, Salem’s beer and wine group, and Capitol Brewers they would have generated much more interest in the event outside of the big downtown circle jerk. I long ago came to the conclusion though that many of these events aren’t really aimed at Salem as a whole, but for a particular mold.

Ok, rant over. Apparently Browns Towne Lounge is hosting Salem’s first Brewers Bash on the 10th at 4:00 pm. The brewers bash is supposed to have six local brewers dishing out samples of their beer. By local they mean only two that are located in Salem, the RAM, and McMenimans. Both chain breweries. Seven Brides from Silverton will be there, as well as Calapooia from Albany, Ninkasi, and Oakshire. Local eh?

Still the event may be worth going to. Entrance looks to be free, but no word on the cost of samples. Also no list on what these breweries are pouring. Another sign of poor planning and poor promotion. If you have nothing better to do swing by for some live music and beer.

I’ll be working, so let me know how it goes.

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3 Responses to “Browns Towne Mini Fest”

  1. Scott S says:

    Here is a link to the Facebook advert for the event.

    While Mcmenamins and the Ram may be chains they are the only brewers in town besides Pale Horse, and Pale Horse just isn’t quite there yet quality wise.

  2. Dr Wort says:

    You said, “Circle Jerk!” ha ha

  3. Jared says:

    @Scott I agreee Pale Horse isn’t there yet. My point was more at the choice to call it local.

    @ Dr Proof your a bad influence 🙂

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