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The Little Guy

Anyone starting to see a theme? The things I write about during the week seem to be what my Friday post is about.

The craft beer movement was started by little guys. Little guys who no one thought would ever succeed against the giants of the brewing industry. Then again the battle was never against the BMC brewers, but don’t try to tell a beer geek that. To beer geeks the ultimate brewer is the little guy. No matter how crappy the beer, no matter how long they stay in business, theseĀ little guys are the darlings of the beer world.

Every time a new brewery opens the beer bloggers in the area launch a series of posts about the new brewery. Once the word is out beer geeks make pilgrimages to try the new guys beers. If the beer is good then they will run about like it’s the second coming praising the brewer. If the beer is crappy then the beer geeks enter into a silent pact where the beer is not ridiculed for what it is, yet not praised. The beer geeks would rather ignore bad beer and pretend the little guy will succeed because he is little. After all little is good.

From time to time though a little guy gets in trouble with a big brewer, or the government. Of course when they do get into trouble it’s never the little guys fault. Therefor when the little guy gets in trouble the beer geeks rally their forces in support. Once a little guy becomes a darling of the beer world though he has an easy pass. As long as they continue to shell out decentĀ beer they can market themselves as the brewer that stood up to big business. Sam Adams is a good case. In the 80’s they were the brewer who dared to take on big brewing. The publicity caused them to grow and grow. Now they’re in the top 5 for largest producer in the US. Still though because they stood up to the big guys they will always be little.

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