Honost Pints In Salem

Yesterday I received an email from both Jack Box and Leslie Venti letting me know that Venti’snow serves bona fide honest pints. Venti’s blog says the following.

From Friday, 27 November 2009, Venti’s are serving beer in 20 ounce glassware with the cartoon rooster’s pointing index finger marking the 16 ounce volume level. A ‘True Pint’ pour line. A documenting image has been sent to the honestpintproject.org administrators so that Venti’s Cafe & Basement Bar will be certified as a Purveyor of an Honest Pint and appear on website’s list and map

Apparently Venti’s has always had 16 oz glassware (who knew?) but a true pint pour depended on your server and left no room for some head. While I don’t really care to much about glassware and all it’s still kinda neat to think Venti’s will make Beervana’s page. Interestingly enough Venti’s was a little slower in getting honest pours then ƒ/stop. From the get go Kirk has been serving up imperial pints for the same price as Venti’spints. Granted ƒ/stop doesn’t have the selection, and I’m pretty sure none of us purveyors of Kirks pub care to get it certified.

Congrats to Dino, Thane, Leslie, JR and the entire Venti’s crew on the new glassware.


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9 Responses to “Honost Pints In Salem”

  1. Carlos says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! We are heading over there this week to have a cold one!

    Thanks Jared

  2. Beermented says:

    Not to be a Devils Advocate, but I can’t help myself. Saw Venti’s honest pint on Beervana and it dawned on me… How do we know someone didn’t pour 16+ ozs of beer in a measuring cup and place a dirty Pint glass next to the measuring cup?

    To apply and qualify for a Honest Pint Sticker shouldn’t there be an official measurement by an authorized ‘Honest Pint” regulator? If not, anyone can fill a measuring cup and put a dirty pint glass next to it and call it an honest pint glass.

    If you can buy into that, I have some desert Lakefront property to sell ya.

  3. jbx says:

    You are 100% correct. But, what would be the point in such an elaborate ruse?

    Further, Note01: Venti’s ‘True Pint’ Volume Line
    reports: The point finger of the cartoon rooster was meant to mark the 16 ounce volume measure; but, to account for production variations, Venti’s servers are instructed to fill the glass to the top of the pointing finger.

    Venti’s means to deliver an honest pint.

    ===new topic
    You and Jared are both very knowledgeable about beer. Further, my educations.

    Q1. Does an Imperial Pale Ale differ from a Double or Imperial Pale Ale? If so, how.
    Lompoc calls its a). C-Note and b.) C-Son’s Greetings Imperial Pale Ale.
    Q2. What is an India Red Ale? Eg, Double Mountain’s India Red Ale.

    I suppose the source of my confusion is the myth that the orginal India Pale Ale was an English Pale Ale hopped up and alcohol high to increase to better preserve the beer for a long voyage. [I has seen an alt. theory is was to minimize export tax. Regardless, when is a hopped up/alcohol high Pale Ale not an IPA?


  4. Jared says:

    @ JR

    1) Had the new pints today….. It only took two pints + a scotch and a ouzo to do me in tonight. I used to ne able to sample 3 beers and have a whiskey on the rocks in the same period of time.

    2) theoretically an IPA should be higher in both ABV and IBU’s then a Pale ale.

    3) you’re right that the whole origin of IPA’s thing is more myth then fact. I’ll explain in a post soon.

  5. jbx says:

    I fear I fumbled my question .

    to restate
    Q1. Does an India Pale Ale differ from a Imperial Pale Ale?
    If so, how?

    I notice breweries releasing Imperial Pale Ale and I do not know what the subtle difference is between
    – India Pale Ale
    – Imperial Pale Ale

    from the BJCP category 14C. Imperial IPA;
    I gather that when
    – the IBU exceeds 59.9 [60 and above]
    – the ABV exceeds 7.49% [7.5% and above]
    the India Pale Ale becomes an Imperial India Pale Ale;
    aka, 2X IPA [for brevity] or Double India Pale Ale [English is a rich language].

    Of course, many of the more popular 2X IPAs exceed the threshold in both IBU and ABV.

    So, if I see a ‘Pale Ale’ with high IBU and ABV I would assume it is an Imperial [or Double or 2X] India Pale Ale; but, some brewery call their particular beer
    – Imperial Pale Ale
    with no reference to the south west Asian country.

  6. Jared says:

    Once again we’re in the realm of theory when we talk about what an IPA or Imperial pale ale should be. According to the BJCP there is a distinct difference. According to home brewers there’s a difference. In the realm of commercial brewing though the only difference often times is the name.

    With the popularity of the IPA right now brewers are more concerned with what label pulls more customers in then wether or not their beer fits within that label. Imperials and doubles are popular right now so it’s what brewers slap on for anything not in the top range of the triple category or in the lower range of the IPA category.

  7. jbx says:

    Thanks, I though it might be more advertising poetic license than factual differences.

    As time permits, I will perform a line by line comparison of the two BJCP categories.

    btw, as the result of career choices, I found myself working at a US Armed Forces communication base in North Yorkshire, England, from the mid-1977 into 1981. I found new and different beers at every turn.

    Ind Coope Double Diamond Burton Ale became a regular purchase. Brewed from 1876 to 2003, Google search confirms it was one of the original India Pale Ales.

  8. Beermented says:

    We’re in a realm where brewers will name things anything they want. Especially if it helps sell the beer. Imperial anything seems to sell these days. I would guess an Imperial Pale would be a moderately hopped “Strong ale” vs. a extremely hopped Strong ale which they would call an Imperial IPA. Imperial, double…. it’s all the same name to me.

    Hell, if I can read a bottle that says DARK WIT…. anything goes.

  9. Beermented says:


    Why fake an Honest Pint? Easy! Get people in the door to get their monies worth. I don’t doubt they are serving an honest pint, I’m just questioning the rating system.

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