You’ve Got Me Covered???

Salem recently got a Cinebarre downtown, and from some of the reactions that were filmed at the opening you’ld think that Northern Lights Theatre Pub never existed. Interestingly enough is how someone described what Cinebarre brings to the scene beer wise. The guy announced that they were “carrying Rogue Dead Guy and 4 Deschutes handles, so for people who like their local beer we’ve got you covered.” Last time I checked Deschutes and Rogue weren’t the only local beers Oregon has, but when someone wants to serve local beer it’s what makes it on tap. The least they could do to make sure they had me covered beer wise is get in some more quality taps from around Oregon.

So is it economical to serve rotating taps of high quality beer? Absolutely! I mean we’re not talking about a tap room, or a gastro pub here. I mean you’ld at least think that more businesses would be copying Venti’s model if they wanted to make their bar a destination. Venti’s rotating taps keep things interesting, and considering that they generally tap as many kegs as days their open in a month (usually 26 tappings over 26 days) people are obviously buying it up. This makes me wonder why more bars aren’t doing this. Why is it that we’re so stuck on the PBR, Widmer, Deschutes, Dead Guy tap model?

While I’m at it anyone notice the varieties of Oregon wine bars will carry compared with varieties of Oregon beer?

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6 Responses to “You’ve Got Me Covered???”

  1. Ralph says:

    “Great food. The deep-fried pickles are amazing.”

  2. jrbox says:

    I have detailed data of the beers offered by Venti’s in July, Aug, Sept, Oct. In future, I will blog aspects of the data.

    Initial evaluation indicates:
    – 84 unique beers from
    – 47 different breweries
    in the past four calendar months.

  3. Beermented says:

    It could be worse, places could just sell Bud, Miller or Coors.

  4. Beermented says:

    Ooops! Never mind. Just looked at the web site. They do carry Bud, Miller, Coors. Food looks horribly boring. Burgers, Pizza and fried garbage. Potato skins, Chicken strips, Onion rings, Salsa and Chips…. Sounds like a High School party offerings, back in 1981.

    They’ve just changed the typical Theater menu from Hot Dogs to Burgers and Pizza which some Theaters have been doing for years. From Popcorn and crackerjacks to Fried Pickles, Onion rings and Chicken strips. Old pedestrian garbage food to a greasier garbage food. Way to go!

    Cinetopia in Vancouver at least has a little more classy cuisine, a restaurant and an interesting (meh) wine selection.

  5. jrbox says:

    re:’for people who like their local beer we’ve [Cinebarre] got you covered’.

    If they want to serve local beer, Cinbarre can be more local than Newport [84 miles] and Bend [132 miles]; eg.,
    – Pale Horse Brewery, Salem – 3.5 miles
    – Seven Brides, Silverton – 14 miles
    – Calapooia, Albany – 27 miles
    – Block 15, Corvallis – 42 miles
    – Oregon Trail, Corvallis – 42 miles
    – Golden Valley, McMinnville – 48 miles
    – Heater Allen, McMinnville – 48 miles
    – ~20 breweries in Portland – nominally 50 miles
    – Pelican Brewery, Pacific City – 74 miles

  6. beermented says:

    Corporate PR. Smile while you lie to the people.

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