Happy Lager Day

Ok, raise your hand if you knew about this. Anyone?? Beuller??

I have no clue why there is a National Lager Day nor could I find out. In fact if it wasn’t for Rachel listening to the radio this morning I still wouldn’t know. Anyone have anymore on this obscure holiday? Regardless of why it exists it’s a good excuse to drain a couple pints of good lager. I recommend Friesian Pilsener from Leavenworth Biers. Ironically I think it still happens to be on tap at Venti’s.

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  1. Dr Wort says:

    Is it sponsored by Bev Mo?

  2. Dr Wort says:

    ooops! I mean InBev?

  3. jbx says:

    There is a Lagunitas Pilsners awaiting an ‘appropriate’ empty tap at Venti’s. It is very good in bottle.

    I had proposed that if the Leavenworth Pilsner were done before I left, that the Lagunitas be jumped up in the quene so I could enjoy it.
    But, alas, despite my best efforts the Leavenworth Pilsner is still being offered and the Lagunitas may have to wait until the North Coast Scrimshaw is done.

    re: lager
    I have been searching for a good Pilsner or [even so called] lager here in SW Fla. I have been to a half dozen stores; but, I have not left my little blue-collar, back water town for the big cities of Sarasota or Tampa.

    I have purchased but not yet tried
    – Hurricane Reef – Caribbean Style Pilsner [Fla Beer Co.]
    – Gordon Biersch – Klosch Style [lager] Beer

    I have seen but not purchased 4-5 Caribbean brewed lagers in clear bottles. They will have to await the 2nd or 3rd round search.

    BMC beers occupy ~65-75% of grocer’s cooler space.
    Foreign beers occupy ~20-30% of grocer’s cooler space
    Not much space left for local craft beers. Terrapin brand from Athens, Ga. seems promising; but, yet to be found.

    The only Pacific NW [Wash., Ore., Idaho, W. Montana, N. Calif.] brewers yet seen
    – 6 packs of Full Sail’s 3 core beers
    – 2-3 variants of Rogue boomers
    – 2 variant of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    Additionally, I think I saw a Redhook tap handle.

    later, jbx

  4. jbx says:

    Three items
    a. the Hurricane Reef – Caribbean Style Pilsner [Fla Beer Co.] was disappointing; ‘thin’; not much body or taste
    b. Oophs: Koosch Style Beer is an ale; not a lager
    c. the Gordon Biersch – Kölsch [Koelsch] Style Ale was nice; I will buy it again.

    The grocer [Sweetbay; equivalent to Roth’s] that carries the Gordon Biersch Kölsch also carries the Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock and Marzen lagers. I will bring those home.

  5. Happy Lager day to you too. Sorry I missed it. Actually I was in Mexico, so I’m pretty sure I had a lager or two that day.

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