25 Best Beers in America??

I was just given a copy of the February issue of Maxim magazine yesterday. The person who handed it to me told me there was an article I needed to see. The Article? The 25 Best Beers In America. The verdict? Fail.

In order to understand the fail you need to know the 25 best. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Porkslap Pale Ale
2. Drifter Pale Ale
3. Hass Rye Lager
4. Hoptober Golden Ale
5. Haywire Hefeweisen
6. Helios Ale Saison
7. Ten Fiddy Imperial Stout
8. Samual Adams Nobel Pils
9. Sierra Nevada Torpedo
10. März Hon Märzen
11. Brew Free Or Die IPA
12. Indian Brown Brown Ale
13. Old Stock Ale
14. Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
15. Green Lakes Organic Ale
16. Upslope Pale Ale
17. Blue Ball Porter
18. Calico Amber Ale
19.Fat Squirrel Brown Ale
20. Local 1 Pale Ale
21. Tumble Off Pale Ale
22. UFO White Wheat
23. Union Jack IPA
24. Phoenix Pale Ale
25. Bud Light Wheat

First off, Haywire and  Bud Light wheat as 2 of the best 25??  And if you needed more proof that the writer has no clue about beer 8/25 are pale ales. Also of the 25 beers only three are from Oregon, where as five are from CA and we CO has four. So much for Oregon being lightyears ahead in the beer scene. Looks like if we go bye numbers alone CA is Beervana…. Hmmm Maybe the Doc was right. Wait, scratch that. According to Maxim Philidalphia has stolen the best beer city crown. Oh look, only two beers on the list come from the city of brotherly love, and one of them is called intercourse. Wonder if it made it in the mag because of the name.

Anyways, who buys into these beer lists that mens magazines are constantly putting out? Let’s see if we can do better?? It shouldn’t be hard after all. So together let’s come up with 25 regularly available beers that one could find distributed at least regionaly. Up for the challenge?

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8 Responses to “25 Best Beers in America??”

  1. jbx says:

    I have had no more that 4 of the 25 beers listed.
    I am not up to your challenge; but,

    I recently purchased a 12pack of Samuel Adam Nobel Pils.
    I thought it was excellent. I have since purchased two additional 6 packs. The local price SW Fla is $7.50 per 6pack + sales taxes.

    I would have to do side-by-side to absolutely rate this compared to my personal favorite domestic craft pilsners:
    HUB, Bayern, Baron, Full Sail LTD03, Lagunitas, Caldera, Seven Brides
    Regardless, it rates as an excellent to exceptional German pilsner lager. [4 of the hops are German; 1, Czech Republic]. I did a side-by-side with Beck’s; the Beck’s was thin and mild [lower hopped] is comparison.

    A close look at Boston Beer Company reveals an interesting factoid.
    Per wikip, the headquarters is in Boston [duh] but the breweries are in Cincinnati, Ohio and Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.

  2. djh says:

    I wouldn’t go to MAXIM magazine for advice on tiddly-winks, much less beer. I think it probably had to do with the author calling his buddies and asking them what they like. That’s probably the scope of their research. Oh, and to find out who the big advertisers in the magazine are (read: Budweiser).

    Of course, that’s just an opinion, and they have been known to be spot on.

  3. Beermented says:

    First…. I don’t even know which Breweries some of these beers are from! Isn’t fat weasel from Trader Joe’s???

    This is a ridiculous list of beers by a person or group who were told to come up with a Top 25 list of beer, but they’re all gateway beer drinkers. It’s a “GATEWAY” beer drinkers best of. Not saying some of these aren’t decent, but the list as a hole is a joke.

    jbx: You did a side by side with Becks???? That’s like doing an American side by side with Bud. ;-} Maybe Spaten Pils, EKU Pils, Paulaner Pils or a dozen other quality German Pils.

    Here’s a list from a German Beer to do a side by side tasting. After the classics, then see how the ol’ Americans can compare.

    * Altenburger Premium
    * Augustiner Vollbier
    * Binding Römer Pils
    * Bitburger Premium Beer
    * Bucher Öko-Pilsner
    * Burgerbräu Bamberg Pils
    * Erbacher Premium Pils
    * Fassa Gold Pils
    * Fuerstenberg Premium Pilsener
    * Gessner Premium Pils
    * Henninger Kaiser Premium Bier
    * Holsten Pils
    * Jever Pils
    * Kaiserdom Pils
    * Krombacher Pils
    * Kronenbrauerei Karl Karlskrone Premium Pilsner
    * Kronenbrauerei ÖkoKrone Organic Pilsner
    * Löwenbräu Premium Pils Feinherb
    * Radeberger Pilsner
    * RothausTannen Zäpfle
    * Spaten Pils
    * Warsteiner

  4. jbx says:

    After I sent that comment, I winched. I could have / should have left it out.

    I know beer mavens do not have much regard for Beck’s.
    But, what can I say, Beck’s was once my ‘the lawn is mowed’ crisp, clean, thirst quenching pilsner.

    I have had 4-5 from your list. They were nice. The Warsteiner most recently. Your list is nice.

    On further consideration, I plan to submit a list of a half dozen Best Beers I had last year. Tomorrow with a fresh brain.

  5. Jared says:

    @ Darren

    There’s a reason people don’t usually read Men’s magazines for the articles. 😉

    I don’t know of anytime Maxim has gotten anything right simply because I don’t read it. However my sisters friend does and he noticed a few Oregon beers on the list and thought I might want to do a write up on the article. The second I read the first beers description (readings generous since most of the articles are 80% pictures) I knew that it was a lame article.

  6. jbx says:

    further to my earlier commitment to submit a list of ‘Best Beers’:

    Below is a list of 16 beer I sampled and found notable in the past year. Most sampled at Venti’s, Salem.

    Most of these beers are BeerAdocate.com consensus rating B +/-; excepting the the ‘extreme’ beers [IBU>65 or ABV>8%] which are BeerAdocate.com consensus. Consistent with the fact that I do not regard myself as a beer connoisseur. Just a geezer who has enjoyed beer for 48 years and only recently learning about craft beer.

    _’Crisp/Refreshing/Thirst Quinching’ Beers_
    01. Caldera – Pilsener Bier
    02. Mt. Shasta – Weed Golden Ale
    03. Ninkasi – Radiant Summer; Summer [Pale] Ale
    04. Oskar Blue – Mama’s Little Yella Pils
    05. Seven Bridges – Lil’s Pils
    06. Victory – Prima Pils

    _’Dark and [typically] Malty Beers; beer of Hue’_
    07. Firestone Walker – Reserve Robust Porter
    08. Mt. Shasta – Weed Amber Ale

    _’Traditional Pale Ales and IPAs’; IBU<65_
    09. Lagunitas – IPA
    10. Oskar Blue – Dales Pale Ale

    _'Double / Imperial / 2X Pale Ales and IPAs_
    11. Calapooia – Simcoe Springs [2X] IPA
    12. Caldera – [2X] IPA
    13. Green Flash – West Coast [2x] IPA
    14. Russian River – Pliny the Elder [2X] IPA

    _'Double / Imperial / 2X Stout Ale'_
    15. Bear Republic – Big Bear [2x] Stout
    16. Fort George – Coffee Girl Imperial Stout

  7. jbx says:

    the ‘extreme’ beers [IBU>65 or ABV>8%] which are BeerAdocate.com consensus rated A or A-.

  8. Roger says:

    I have sort of a beer question. My father had a beer stein that he bought in Frankfurt after the War-I assume so since he was in the army in Frankfurt after the war. The pewter cap of the beer stein has “A. Romer” engraved on the top. I am trying to figure out what that means. I think it means Romer Beer which is out of Frankfurt or Romer meaning the Frankfurt City Hall. I have never seen anything engraved on a pewter top before. Does anyone have any ideas.

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