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When I started this whole idea of listing Salem’s best beer places I never thought it would be this hard. I figured I’d put out feelers, especially to the bar hoppers, and just review the results. The problem was everyone submitted the same results. Every single time I got a combination of Venti’s, Browns Towne, F-Stop, and Capitol Market for purchasing beer. Normally I would have decided I was wrong about Salem’s beer selection and givin up, but consistantly La Capitale was missing, and I know Browns Towne sucks (a rotation of Widmer and Ninkasi only doesn’t equal a true rotating tap). With this knowledge I was certain there were more places hidden away outside the scope of Salem’s art crowd (Salem’s art crowd makes up a large chunk of it’s beer crowd).

This was confirmed when Rachel and I swung by the Blue Pepper for coffee last week. I’d known the Blue Pepper had a bar, but had always assumed they served wine and a traditional import beer selection. This idea fit with the vibe of the place and the fact that their bar isn’t open that late. However this day the comfy seats up front were taken so we decided to go goof off in the computer chairs while we drank our coffee. While we were back there I decided to check out the bar.

To my surprise they had a decent bottle selection with some variety to it. There were some imports, but also some decent domestics. Granted they only had beer in the bottle, but still, this got me excited. A new beer place to visit in the evenings I thought. I was all set to go try it one of these nights and then rant and rave. I called up the Blue Pepper to get the bars hours and was stopped cold in my plans. The bar is open from 6am-3pm on weekdays only. What the heck???

So while Blue Pepper may have a decent bottled beer selection it’s a fail on the best beer in Salem list. What place seriously keeps those hours?

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  1. Scott S says:

    I’ve heard a rumor that Blue Pepper may have been sold to someone that is thinking putting a beer bar in there. Try to think of something similar to Baily’s Taproom in Portland, or Venti’s basement with 40 taps. Rumor of course so take that with a grain of salt.

  2.’s coming to town. Hopefully that will raise the interest and not just the prices.

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