Fire Mountain Steam Powered

I’d never heard of Fire Mountain Brewery until…. 11 hours and 40 min ago. Apparently Roth’s in North Salem now carries both their Steam Powered Stout and Oregon Pale Ale. Apparently these are also the only t2o beers they produce as I can’t find any info on others. Their bottles though say they make lagers. I poured their Steam Powered slightly warm. As it’s date night and I’m already making Rachel wait while I write this I’ll review OPA at a later date.


Lots of roasted grain but no burnt/black patent aroma Nothing to distinct on aroma.


Black with dark head. Definitely stoutish. Opaque


Good lord that’s not what I was expecting. Strong hop bitterness followed by roasted grain flavors and a slightly sweet medium body. Was expecting a Guinness, instead I got something much more substantial and extremely palatable. It doesn’t stick to your mouth like other medium bodied stouts. Clean and good.


While not the best stout I’ve had it’s definitely one I would stock and serve. Good flavors, even if it’s a bit one dimensional. I’m hoping their OPA blows me away. Definitely not what I expected for a stout from a small unknown brewery. In fact I may have to visit Carlton someday. Sometimes a good, clean, well executed beer can be more impressive then something unique.

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7 Responses to “Fire Mountain Steam Powered”

  1. jbx says:

    Interesting, I look forward to sampling the beer; visiting the brewpub.

    I came across Fire Mountain Brew House sifting through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission list of licensed businesses as of 12 Jan 2010.
    to added Oregon breweries / brewpubs to ‘The Beer Mapping Project’.

    I found the following

    Fire Mountain Brew House
    10800 NW Rex Brown Road
    Carlton, OR 97111

    Neither contain any new information; I notice you became a fan of FMBC’s FaceBook.

  2. Brian says:

    I was surprised too. I went away for sabbatical, and BANG! Here’s Fire Mountain. I enjoyed the stout, and look forward to your review of the OPA, which I’ve tried too. I won’t say anything though, because I don’t want to prejudice you.

  3. […] Of course, you don’t really need to know this for making beer. In fact, after writing this, I think I’ll have to go see if Heater|Allen is open today, and maybe pick up some brew from Fire Mountain Brewhouse. […]

  4. […] Get it away from me! Never going neer this beer with a 10 ft pole. Thought it’d be worth stocking again, but one bad bottle is enough. Still might stock their stout. […]

  5. Scott says:

    I tried the OPA last night and thought it was really good. Malty up front with a dry finish, lots of cascade hops. The stout is my favorite though. It’s big but drinkable, a little alcohol warmth at the end. Delicious!!! I can’t wait to see this stuff in more of the local pubs.

  6. Henry says:

    Hey, nice stuff! Keep it up.

  7. Karlinski says:

    I just had a hangman winter ale. Wonderful brew. Bought it last week in corvallis. The other brews I have had from fire mt. are also excellant.

    When I go to roth in north salem, it is always my favorite brew in the bottle. i think it my cost more, but why worry today is lost forever tommorrow.

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