Welcome to ’10

I wish this was a review of Widmer’s ’10, then I could rant about this stupid black IPA fad. Sadly this is one of those obligatory New Years posts, and it’s threefold

’09 in review

Last year I was approached by Paul about writing for him, and started blogging about beer. Prior to all this beer was a much smaller part of my life. Once I started writing though it required I learn something. I delved into books on beer and brewing, especially history. The more I’ve learned about beer though the more it has changed my view of beer. This year saw the change from beer cheerleader to a more narrow view of Oregon’s beer scene. This last year I also joined Capitol Brewers (Salem’s homebrewing club) and was able to network more then ever before with not only Salem’s homebrewers, but also with Willamette Valley brewers who are located outside of the Portland area.

Looking Ahead

I’ve been asked many times by Dr Wort about what I want this blog to become. The problem is I’ve wanted my readers to participate in that. I’d love if you guys would contribute and make this blog yours. Ask questions, send me articles, send in pictures. You guys see things and hear things I don’t. To help encourage this I’m going to push the ads for schwag a bit harder. Try to get breweries and pubs to give away stuff via this blog. Speaking of that I need to get to the pub more. I’ve always been a bottled beer guy. I prefer drinking at home with a few close friends or family. Also bottled beer gets aged the way I want. Still pub culture is something to be enjoyed, not avoided. I need to remember that.

My other goal is to take the all grain plunge. I’ve never had the space or equipment to do all grain, but in order to take my beer to the next level I have to start tweaking grains more. I’ve experimented with herbs probably to the greatest extant I can. Sure there are more beer styles to explore with, and more herbs to try, but there wont be vast improvements to be gained in that department anymore.

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3 Responses to “Welcome to ’10”

  1. Beercentric says:

    Jumped the Shark.

  2. Jared says:

    Are you accusing me of jumping the shark???

    If you reread my older posts this isnt to out of line for me. Honestly I was writing at work and had no internet and needed filler this week. I’m working on finding time to write good articles. Tomorrows isnt bad, but it’s still filler

  3. Joe says:

    You’ll make much better beer when and if you switch to all grain. It takes a little bit longer to brew but the results are worth it and the material costs are less (not factoring in equipment). If you do make the jump, get a 10 gallon system. I have a five gallon system and wish I could get twice as much beer for the same amount of work.

    As for your blog, you’ve got a great perspective on things but I’d like to see you soften the Portland hate a little bit. I realize it is often warranted, but I tend to dismiss people who paint with such a broad stoke.

    Keep the history stuff coming, it’s great. Good luck in 2010!

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