Not Dead Yet

I was on track to start blogging more. I had a series of posts planned all waiting on research and interviews. I was going to step up and get serious about this blog again. About 2 weeks ago though one of my clients went into crises and life has just been gridlocked since. The good news is that by next month I may start having more free time again and plan on writing once I do. Also, the nature of this blog is going to change. I still want to get some brew knowledge posts out. After all, nothing is more boring then a blog that does just beer reviews and fluff articles on breweries. I want this blog though to be about change. Salem is on the cusp of getting more great beer, but no one is pushing or leading the movement. I’m hoping that I can get some locals who are fans of great beer to participate and possibly we could change Salem’s ways. We’ll see.

Anyway felt bad for not posting in awhile so figured I’d toss up a meaningless update.

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  1. Capital Taps says:

    Glad to see you back in the saddle, however briefly! It was sad that Salem and the mid-valley was largely absent for Zwickelmania. I’m happy to see your manifesto!

  2. Beermented says:

    “Salem is on the cusp of getting more great beer…”

    Someone in Salem planning on hijacking a Rogue delivery truck?

    “…but no one is pushing or leading the movement.”

    No one can afford to buy the Black ski masks for the hijacking or kind find anybody that passed the state driving test? ;-}

  3. jbx says:

    Tell us more about
    ‘Salem is on the cusp of getting more great beer; but, no one is pushing or leading the movement’

  4. Jack R. says:

    Three points on rumination
    1. some of ya’ll Salemites could pitch in and initiate / maintain the
    collaborative data base. I maintain Ventis and have posted entries for
    – Best Little Roadhouse-Commerial
    – f/stop Fitzgerald
    – McMenamins Thompson Brewery and Public House
    But, I don’t get beyond Central Salem much.
    2. Venti’s bar manager has a nice set of bottled Belgian-style Ales in inventory.
    3. tonight Gilgamesh Beer release eVenti in Venti’s downstairs;
    Be there; be part of the solution.
    5:00-9:00p; Wednesday, 14 April 2010.

  5. Jared says:

    @ Jack

    It’s hard to be more specific because Salem is full of projects that never get off the ground because no one will spear head them. Last year Mission Mill was shopping around for somone to organize a beer fest for them. It was dead within a couple months. There’s always talk about a new brewery, or a decent taproom, but the market’s just never there. Just tonight Nick was talking about a possible beer fest at the new conference center…. We’ll see if it reaches fruition.

    I’m hoping to get more involved when I have time, and try to get some others involved as well. Maybe with a group supporting and encouraging change more great beers will pour in Salem. Until then we’re all stuck with Venti’s, f/stop, and La Capital.

    It’s not like Salem lacks people who love beer. Capitol Market does great business. Heck the US Homebrewer of the year for ’09 is a member of Salem’s homebrew club. Salem just lacks a drive and involvement because people here are satisfied with just going to Portland or Eugene for beer.

    Also I’ve posted on the Salem taplister for some of the bars.

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