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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here and I owe everyone who still checks it an apology.

I was promoted shortly after my last post to lead staff at the group home I work at and it took a serious chunk of time out of my weekday. This prompted a discussion with Rachel and we both agreed that I needed to limit the amount of stuff I was doing. It came down to a choice between brewing or writing about beer and well…. brewing beer won out. Since my last post one of my herbal beers took sencond runner up for best in show at the hombrewers classic and that just helped further cement my decicion(herbals don’t usually place that high). Brewing is something I am passionate about doing. Drinking beer and writing about it is something I enjoy.

As of now I don’t have alot of future plans for this blog. This means it will probably sink into obscurity unless I can find a new writer for it. (something I’ve been slacking on).

So for now just know I miss writing and talking with you guys over the comments section. Hopefully I can find someone to take over so it doesn’t die. If I can’t, then have fun over at Beervana 😉