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Honost Pints In Salem

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Yesterday I received an email from both Jack Box and Leslie Venti letting me know that Venti’snow serves bona fide honest pints. Venti’s blog says the following.

From Friday, 27 November 2009, Venti’s are serving beer in 20 ounce glassware with the cartoon rooster’s pointing index finger marking the 16 ounce volume level. A ‘True Pint’ pour line. A documenting image has been sent to the administrators so that Venti’s Cafe & Basement Bar will be certified as a Purveyor of an Honest Pint and appear on website’s list and map

Apparently Venti’s has always had 16 oz glassware (who knew?) but a true pint pour depended on your server and left no room for some head. While I don’t really care to much about glassware and all it’s still kinda neat to think Venti’s will make Beervana’s page. Interestingly enough Venti’s was a little slower in getting honest pours then ƒ/stop. From the get go Kirk has been serving up imperial pints for the same price as Venti’spints. Granted ƒ/stop doesn’t have the selection, and I’m pretty sure none of us purveyors of Kirks pub care to get it certified.

Congrats to Dino, Thane, Leslie, JR and the entire Venti’s crew on the new glassware.


You’ve Got Me Covered???

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Salem recently got a Cinebarre downtown, and from some of the reactions that were filmed at the opening you’ld think that Northern Lights Theatre Pub never existed. Interestingly enough is how someone described what Cinebarre brings to the scene beer wise. The guy announced that they were “carrying Rogue Dead Guy and 4 Deschutes handles, so for people who like their local beer we’ve got you covered.” Last time I checked Deschutes and Rogue weren’t the only local beers Oregon has, but when someone wants to serve local beer it’s what makes it on tap. The least they could do to make sure they had me covered beer wise is get in some more quality taps from around Oregon.

So is it economical to serve rotating taps of high quality beer? Absolutely! I mean we’re not talking about a tap room, or a gastro pub here. I mean you’ld at least think that more businesses would be copying Venti’s model if they wanted to make their bar a destination. Venti’s rotating taps keep things interesting, and considering that they generally tap as many kegs as days their open in a month (usually 26 tappings over 26 days) people are obviously buying it up. This makes me wonder why more bars aren’t doing this. Why is it that we’re so stuck on the PBR, Widmer, Deschutes, Dead Guy tap model?

While I’m at it anyone notice the varieties of Oregon wine bars will carry compared with varieties of Oregon beer?

ƒ/Stop Fitzgeralds

Friday, September 11th, 2009

from theweeklybrew (updated the hours)


Picture pulled from their Facebook page

ƒ/Stop bills itself as Salem’s smallest pub, and they might be right. I’ve been hearing about it off and on, and even was sent an invite to their soft opening Wednesday. I ended up passing it up for pie with Rachel. I did manage to swing by there today though and chat with Kirk Kindle who runs ƒ/Stop. Kirk has a brilliant approach to the way he runs his pub, and I hope it works out for him. Really I do. The location could be better though. He’s set the pub up as a small community hang out for adults. The walls are covered with an eclectic mix of art and old odds and ends, and there’s room for about 25 people to comfortably gather. This endears me to it naturally, but add to that that my friend Kaylie is a bartender there, and really the reasons not to go dry up.

The first thing I thought when I walked in was oh crap it’s small. After a few minutes chatting though I felt at home. I could easily see myelf showing up with friends for a board game and a few beers, and that doesn’t seem to be off the mark of what Kirk has envisioned. We talked about the things people do there. Kirk mentioned that Salem Beer and Blog group comes around for their meetings and hangs out. Also he mentioned something about a guy possibly doing some Monty Python showings with some friends. Really, it seems to be more about the comraderie then the booze. Kirk does have some booze though. He serves up a rotating selection of Oregon beer and wines. Most of the beers are bottled, but he does have a kegerator with two taps on it. Eventually he plans on having more taps, but for now two is it. Looking around though two feels like enough. It may not have the selection of Venti’s, but I like it still.

There’s alot more to say about the place. Most of it was built or installed by Kirk himself, and he seems like a guy I can respect. Also draught beer is served in imperial pints, rare for Salem. Really though your better off checking it out yourself. Just don’t expect a five star dining experience. ƒ/Stop doesn’t even serve food, they do have snacks though. They are currently open Thursday through Saturday, 4-12. I’m going to send a link of this article to Kirk though so he can correct me if I’m wrong.

If you want more info on ƒ/Stop then check out their Facebook page.