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The Birth Of Brewing

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Between work, a social life, and no laptop I haven’t been blogging much, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with this blog. Last month Dr Wort did an interesting guess the brewer post to help emphasize the ignorance of many of what he calls Portlands “Beer Chearleaders”.

The idea intrigued me, especially with all the reading I’ve been doing this year on the history of craft brewing and the history of Americas beer giants (can we call Boston Brewing a giant yet? Or will their creative number work be aloud to stand?). So I’ve spent the last few days cobbling together a short quiz on the birth of Americas craft brewing movement. While it’s not complete the questions are a decent mix of difficulty and contain a little history in the results. Let me know what you think and post your scores in the comments. If this quiz does well I’ll make another.


Picture stolen from Beer&Nosh


This brewer is often credited with starting the micro beer movement

What Pulitzer Prize winning author once stated, "It all tastes as if the secret brewing process involved running it through a horse."

Which president legalized homebrewing?

Name this famous homebrewer


Americas fist homebrewing club post repeal was founded in LA by Merlin Elhardt. What was the club called?


Jack McAuliffe (along with Suzy Sterns and Jane Zimmerman) founded Americas first true micro brewery. What was it called?


Who founded Californias first brewpub?

Other then his brewery in Yakima what else was another one of Bert Grants contributions to brewing in the US?