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Cell Phone Tasting Notes

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I finally found a use for that notes function on my cell phone. Turns out it works much better then writing beer reviews on bar napkins.

Recently I tried Ommegang Adoration. I was directed towards this beer by Jack. Apparently Nick Lopez, the new man behind Venti’s Bar, decided to stock this one off beer. Venti’s is charging $15 a bottle for it, so I kinda wish I had a friend with me to share the bottle, and the tab. I had Hooper rinse out the snifter that my Old Crustacean was poured in and used that for tasting. After trying it I can’t see why this Beer only has a B+ on Beeradvocate. So much for Jeff defending them. I know people have different tastes, but this beer should have preformed much better then it did.


I always do aroma first so I can catch the scents stirred up from the pour, I always sniff the bottle opening too. Aroma is plum, very spicy. Smells very malty. Fairly complex blend of aromas. Some orange peel as well.


Mahogany color. Large off white head, very effervescent. Needs to be poured slowly. Big bubbles. More of a pillowy head


Orange peel hit first followed by dark fruits, spices, and some tartness. Definitely get a little funk. Possibly Brett? Wouldn’t surprise me. Maltier then I thought it would be. Definite dark malts. The spices might be a little much, but I like their strong presence.


Great beer. Complex with alot going on, but neither too much that it muddies it, or any flavor so strong it drowns the others. I know this goes contrary to my comment about the spices strong presence, but I think it compliments the beer rather then subjugate it. Out of all the Belgian Winter Ales I’ve tried this winter this one takes first.

My First Written Review

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


One thing I’ve been adamant about is that this blog won’t become another beer review blog. However the good Dr Wort (incidentally he has a review of this beer as well) has been waiting to critique an actual review from me. I figured it was about time, and with the closing of KCHopheads blog I figured a Boulevard review was in order. I chose Long Strange Tripel


An  Orangish shade of yellow, held a 1/4″ head after initial pour. Very carbonated.


Very fruity with a hint of citrus, subtle herbal aroma, and some strong yeast odors at play


A slightly bitter hit upfront followed by yeast. Some citrus and herbal flavors, especially near the back. Noticeable flavor similar to bitter orange peel. Neutral malt flavor. The malt definitely isn’t the star of this show. Alcohol isn’t very noticeablefor a 9% Belgian beer. My ability to detect the mouthfeel is a little off tonight I guess. Something I ate at work has coated the back of my throat making evertything feel strange going down.


Overall it’s not a bad Belgian. Belgian tripels aren’t generally my favorite, but I might consider buying it again. The yeast and herbal flavors are what really jump out at me and make this beer what it is. If you know what you like in a Belgian tripel then this probably won’t replace your favorite, but it’s much better then many American Balgians I’ve tried, meaning not overly sweet, heavy and bland. Neaded a little more funk and yeast to it with perhaps more upfront malt profile. Give it a try, just don’t expect to reach nirvana when you drink it.