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’09 Bourbon County

Sunday, January 10th, 2010


I’ve been torn over whether to crack a bottle of ’09 now or wait till at least 2011. Based off the title you can guess if I waited. Luckily I have a couple more bottles stashed. Just keep in mind this beer is young.


This thing smells like a bourbon barrel through and through. Tons of toffee aroma, bourbon, and charred wood. The aroma seems a bit sweet, which makes me dread the flavor.


Pours a thick muddy black brown. Very thick, with a toffee colored head. Completely opaque.


Boy that’s alot of bourbon. I love my whiskey, but bourbon isn’t my favorite style. Flavor is slightly charred. Fairly one dimensional. Very thick and malty with some roasted malt flavor. Sweet bourbon finish. Not as dry as I’d like, but it all blends together well.


As of today not really worth another purchase. As it ages though this beer tastes like it would improve greatly. The bourbon is possibly too much for some, but I like it. This is deffinatly a whiskey drinkers stout as it tastes pretty much like a boiler maker in a bottle. As a beer it’d be a B+, possibly an A in my book. As for stylistically?

A barrel aged beer should have both elements of wood flavors from the barrel and alcohol flavors from what was stored in it previously. These flavors though are there to support and harmonize with the base beer, not bowl it over. All incarnations of Bourbon County I’ve tried lack that subtle support of the base flavor. Instead the whiskey overpowers and over runs. Also Bourbon County is a bit hot in it’s younger form which is off style as well. Stylistically this would be a B beer.