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The Video Is Done

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I finally finished the video on brewing the CPB stout, and I have to say I hate it. But despite my feelings of ill will towards it here it is.



  • •I know I’m a fat guy, but seeing that I’m a fat guy isn’t much fun.
  • •My hair is all funky. For some reason that patch in the back wouldn’t stay down
  • •I need to change out of my bike shorts next time before I make a video.
  • •I need to plan ahead next time I make a video. The shotgun approach to filming doesn’t work very well
  • •Man am I FAT!
  • •Dan was kind enough to come help me film even though he doesn’t drink, so in return I capture him on video helping me make beer….. Man I’m a mean friend.
  • •It’s easier to keep things organized, sanitized, and clean when you’re not filming.
  • •Once you decide to film you’ll violate all sorts of sanitation rules on camera for all the other home brewers to see.