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Venti’s 1 Year

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

vtweetSo today is Venti’s one year anniversary, and I’m sitting herewith Bill having lunch. Sadly I will miss the tapping of Damnation. Turns out they won’t tap the keg until 4:00 pm. They do have Ninkasi’s Radient summer ale in bottles, as well as Rogues Sesquicentennial ale. Total lunch was only $15 for two people. Not bad with the bomber of Ninkasi. Not many people seemed to realize it was the anniversary. There is also Venti family everywhere. In fact once Venti’s updates their blog I got a photo of me sitting and typing, with JR, Leslie, and Dino posing with me. I feel so lazy when I think about the fact I’m the only one sitting in that photo.

I’m excited that it’s one year for Venti’s at their new location, and that they’re doing well. I’ve known Conrad since highschool, so even though I’m not family I’m still excited for their continued success. I think part of this is also because Venti’s is personal and cares about their customers. Not only that, but as I’ve discovered over the last year they have great beer. Boy do they have great beer.

I hope you guys stop by and enjoy the offerings Venti has for what is a special day for them. I know I enjoyed myself even if Damnation wasn’t tapped yet 🙂 It was great seeing Leslie, Dino, and JR, and we really enjoyed our lunch.

Ask And Recieve

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

vtweetWednesday I let you guys all know some of the details about Venti’s 1 year anniversary at their new location (why do we still call it the new location after a year?) When I posted the details I somewhat jokingly had said that I had been hoping for

some great tap prices, or an extra special keg

Turns out Leslie read this line as I got a Facebook message letting me know that the event was still evolving, yet there were no plans for a special keg, but all drinks would be happy hour prices from 4-11. Cool I thought. There is always great beer on tap so happy hour prices sounds great. Then I got another email.

Here is where the ask and ye shall receive part comes in. Leslie had asked for my email address, and not to long after giving it to her this showed up

Happy hour prices on pints $3 all day, but happy hour on mixed drinks only after 4 when lounge opens

Gettin a keg of Rogue Sesquicentennial Ale

Talk about awesome. Venti’s has definitely gone above and beyond. Not only that but because of that email I now feel all powerful. What a nice feeling.

So now that Venti’s has gone out of their way to make this celebration worthy of being listed in the craft beer month event list we must do our part. Get the word out there. Three dollar pints is an unusual thing to see for beer of the caliber that Venti’s serves. So not only will you get an awesome price on a pint, but you will be supporting a great local restaurant. See you all on July 7th hopefully.