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Pale Horse Or Bust

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

pale_horse_logoToday I am going to try to make it to Pale Horse brewery. I’ve honestly been trying all week, but my schedule has been so overloaded that I just haven’t had the time. Here’s the problem though. Within the next 5 min I have to go get my final sizing and┬ápick up my tux for my friends wedding,I also have to pick my bike up from the shop, and to top it all off today is the wedding rehearsal. That makes today a packed day too. My goal is to squeeze in the visit between my final sizing and picking up my bike. We’ll see if I can make it though. If I can make it I’ll get the write up done tonight after rehearsal and post it in the morning. If not… Well then I’ll just toss up some picks from the brew day for the pale ale.

Speaking of pail ale. This beer doesn’t seem to like staying in containers. I had multiple boilovers while cooking the wort, and now I’ve had to rig a blow off tube to my 6 gal carboy. I use a 6 gal one so that there is enough head space that I shouldn’t need a blow off tube. Also on the fermentation front my mead is about to get tossed. I have done everything I’ve been told with that thing and still the hydrometer hasn’t budged. I’ve pitched yeast twice, both times with nutrients and energizer. I stir like I’m supposed to, and oxygenate like I’m supposed to. When I stir it CO2 comes rushing out of the top of the carboy. Yet that hydrometer sits there taunting me while my mead grows darker every day. Anyone have any advice?