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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

I was planning on doing a post on fermenting at acceptable temperaturesĀ in a hot room, but seeing as how the triple digits are gone for now it won’t do me much good. Might do others some good, but not me šŸ™‚

Today instead I wanted to talk about community. Community is a word I absolutely hate. Maybe hate is a strong word. Nope, it works in this case. Community has become corrupted into a trendy buzz word that has lost any good solid meaning. I guess a better word would beĀ  a group of people with similar interests who bounce ideas off each other, support each other, and collaborate. Ok, that’s a phrase, and one of the definitions of community, but it’s still more pleasant to my ears then community.

Anywho, I know for a fact that there are knowledgeable people who read this blog and have interesting stuff to say. And,Ā to be honest I sometimes get tired of hearing myself talk. That combined with my need to unload these Deschutes posters has led to the development of an idea. I have posters to give away, you guys have valuable input. Later today I will put pictures of the posters up and the number of each I have. Then I will give them away in exchange for input.

If you would like a poster, then all I ask is you write some content for this blog. You can rant against BMC, IPA’s. You can write what you want. Just send it toĀ If I like it I’ll let you know what posters are stillĀ available and sendĀ one to you. Sound good to you guys?