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You’ve Got Me Covered???

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Salem recently got a Cinebarre downtown, and from some of the reactions that were filmed at the opening you’ld think that Northern Lights Theatre Pub never existed. Interestingly enough is how someone described what Cinebarre brings to the scene beer wise. The guy announced that they were “carrying Rogue Dead Guy and 4 Deschutes handles, so for people who like their local beer we’ve got you covered.” Last time I checked Deschutes and Rogue weren’t the only local beers Oregon has, but when someone wants to serve local beer it’s what makes it on tap. The least they could do to make sure they had me covered beer wise is get in some more quality taps from around Oregon.

So is it economical to serve rotating taps of high quality beer? Absolutely! I mean we’re not talking about a tap room, or a gastro pub here. I mean you’ld at least think that more businesses would be copying Venti’s model if they wanted to make their bar a destination. Venti’s rotating taps keep things interesting, and considering that they generally tap as many kegs as days their open in a month (usually 26 tappings over 26 days) people are obviously buying it up. This makes me wonder why more bars aren’t doing this. Why is it that we’re so stuck on the PBR, Widmer, Deschutes, Dead Guy tap model?

While I’m at it anyone notice the varieties of Oregon wine bars will carry compared with varieties of Oregon beer?


Thursday, July 30th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

I was planning on doing a post on fermenting at acceptable temperatures in a hot room, but seeing as how the triple digits are gone for now it won’t do me much good. Might do others some good, but not me 🙂

Today instead I wanted to talk about community. Community is a word I absolutely hate. Maybe hate is a strong word. Nope, it works in this case. Community has become corrupted into a trendy buzz word that has lost any good solid meaning. I guess a better word would be  a group of people with similar interests who bounce ideas off each other, support each other, and collaborate. Ok, that’s a phrase, and one of the definitions of community, but it’s still more pleasant to my ears then community.

Anywho, I know for a fact that there are knowledgeable people who read this blog and have interesting stuff to say. And, to be honest I sometimes get tired of hearing myself talk. That combined with my need to unload these Deschutes posters has led to the development of an idea. I have posters to give away, you guys have valuable input. Later today I will put pictures of the posters up and the number of each I have. Then I will give them away in exchange for input.

If you would like a poster, then all I ask is you write some content for this blog. You can rant against BMC, IPA’s. You can write what you want. Just send it to If I like it I’ll let you know what posters are still available and send one to you. Sound good to you guys?

Deschutes Posters

Friday, July 10th, 2009

deschutes-logo2I’ve been meaning to do an update for awhile about this, but one thing after another drove it from my mind.

I got ahold of two separate people from Deschutes, and they’ve both declined having an add on this blog. Also they informed me that they can’t give me any hats, tees, glasses, or such to give away. Sad day eh? Awesomely though I am still gonna give away the posters. The problem is I can’t decide how. If I’d have known giving stuff away took this much thinking I would’ve delegated away this responsibility to Paul. I do enjoy being able to tell people they won something though so I will figure something out eventually. Also I’ll keep beating the streets for more free beer related stuff to give away. After all I’m a poor kid in my twenties, so free is good.

I know there are a few people that read this blog who deal either in homebrew equipment, or with breweries, so if you guys want to run any contests to promote your business let me know.

from theweeklybrew