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Blueberry Beer Tincture

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

blog-stuff-01211Normally I try to get some background on whatever recipe I’m making, whether it’s the history, or some obscure facts. This one is simple however, and I don’t want to muddy it too much. The only thing I’ll say is that technically this is a liqueur since blueberries are a volatile substance, but tincture sounds better.

♦ 1 Pint Mason Jar
♦ Blueberries
♦ 1 12oz flattened Beer (I used my spoiled one)
♦ 80 proof alcohol (40% apv)

fill the jar 1/2 full with blueberries. Add the beer, top off with blueberries, and add shots of the hard stuff till full. The alcohol should just cover the blueberries. My advice on the alcohol is to choose one you like. I ended up using moonshine my first time around since I was worried about the blueberries blending well with something else. When I make my next batch though I’m going with scotch I think. Screw on the lid and store in a cool dark place. Shake daily to mix it for at least a week, constantly checking for fermentation. Once it occurs you need to refrigerate, the longer you leave it though the better. Once it’s finished then it’s time to filter, and serve over ice, or cook down into a sauce. Store in a jar with a resealable lid and check continually for fermentation. If it occurs, stick it in the fridge. This drink is a bit stronger then beer, so drink in moderation.

Ok, I can’t help adding a little history. 🙂

Tinctures are fairly old as alcohol is a very effective preservative. They are extremely common in the medical and herbal communities for preserving the medicinal qualities of items, and are often found as extracts at the local grocery store. Most Americans are more familiar though with the more recreational variety, liqueurs. Liqueurs are made by soaking volatile substances like fruit in alcohol, whereas tinctures are nonvolatile things such as herbs. Some of the most common tinctures that you may be familiar with are things like absinthe and ouzo. My friends who I drink with might get a chuckle out of the fact I made this since ouzo on ice is one of my favorite drinks.