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Throwing an Over-the-Top Shindig

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

So you’ve been dreaming of crafting the perfect party, a shindig of sorts where everyone comes with the highest of expectations and everyone still leaves impressed. It’s not an easy feat to pull off, but it’s certainly not impossible either. The key is in creating a party environment that plays to a lot of different tastes, but pulls them all together in an artful display that makes everyone feel like they’re enjoying the same party (even if different moods are being catered to). Below, we’ll focus on creating a high-class shindig at a low budget, so you can feel on top of the earth even if your wallet doesn’t make that the case.

Focus on the Small Touches

A classy party doesn’t really take much. You won’t need thousands of dollars worth of decorations, or some giant, fancy hot tub placed front and center to make it look like your party has unconventional swagger. Everything boils down to the small touches, the finer things that people think they’re being swift for noticing but which were intentionally placed all the same. For appetizers, try caviar, for instance. Caviar creates a notion of wealth and grandeur because of its origins, so even if you still offer generic crackers and a vegetable platter, people will remember the caviar.

Push the Beer

Any classy party can be filled with lots of good wine, but if you want to stand out, you can’t go the traditional route on anything. Need a suggestion? Try beer. And we’re not talking about basic, domestic beers that cost a few bucks at the local gas station. Go for high-end, award-worthy beers, the kind that are just enough under the radar that they aren’t popularly known yet, but have just enough general awareness that a few key people at the party will be impressed by the display. Once they get talking, your party will soon have a unique, hipster vibe, and you’ll seem like you’re in-the-know off the bat.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Everyone likes free stuff, and that holds true for the richest and poorest among us. If you want to make sure everyone who leaves walks away with a positive image of your party, seal the deal with a party favor or two. Our suggestion: keep it simple, and keep it ‘big idea.’ Simple is just for sanity’s sake, as trying to create gift bags for everyone sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. The ‘big idea’ suggestion, however, is essential. The gift itself doesn’t have to be all that spectacular; rather, it’s what the gift suggests that counts. If you decide go gift everyone some comfy bathrobes, everyone thinks they just got some swank goods, considering they just ate caviar and drank unusual, expensive beer at your party. And now you even want them to continue with the good time. It doesn’t matter if the bathrobes are from the local department store or even a website; so long as the gift fits with the image you want to get out there, your party favors will be an end of the night success.

Oregon Craft Beer Month, and Happenings Around Salem

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

These were supposed to be two separate posts with todays celebrating the start of Oregon Craft Beer Month and tomorrow talking about the many events in Salem, but since CapitolTaps pre-emptively struck on the Salem front I am combining to save face.


Oregon Craft Beer Month

As I’ve already stated today is the launch of Oregon Craft Beer Month. This means instead of about 2 or 3 beer events per a week around the state we have gone to several per a day. Exciting eh? Problem is about 90% of the events seem to be in Portland. There is no reason why they shouldn’t either. Portland more then any other city in Oregon takes beer drinking to a new level. There are plenty of craft beer drinkers in Salem, not to mention three breweries. You’ld think Salem these breweries, as well as people that serve Oregon craft beer, would join in the celebrations. Yet outside of Bend and Portland celebrations are few and far between, and almost never advertised as well as they should be. Check out the Oregon Brewers Guild blog for a full list of events

The highlights of this month seem to be as follows

Puckerfest – Belmont Station July 10-16

I understand Belmont Station is a store/pub, and that some people won’t consider this a true festival. So instead lets consider it a celebration of  soured beers.

Portland Interenational Beer Fest – North Park Blocks July 18-19

22nd Oregon Brewers Festival – Tom McCall Waterfront Park July 23-26


Happenings In Salem

We may not have the crazy, boozy, haze filled month here in Salem, but there are some cool things goin on here.

According to CapitolTaps Pale Horse will be pouring tasters in a couple locations in Salem Check out the site for more info.

Also Venti’s is celebrating it’s first year in it’s new location. I messaged Leslie Venti hoping that there would be some great tap prices, or an extra special keg. I got no dice though. Here’s what she sent me.

July 7

Venti’s Cafe celebrates 1 year at new location 325 Court St. NE, Salem


Teriyaki chicken + rice lunch special price all day, 11am-9pm
$4.5 regular dark meat
$6 large dark meat
Add veggies $1 more

$1 Iron City tall boys available after 4pm in the lounge

Singer/songwriter Patrick Burke playing in the lounge 6-8:30pm


Cherry City Derby Girls in the house after 9pm fresh from practice (maybe not-so-fresh). Skates allowed upstairs, girls!

Lastly there are the good old Salem standbys, both of which will have good beer on tap.

Salem Art Fair – July 17-19

The Bite – July 31st – August 2nd

from theweeklybrew