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Things Beer Geeks Like

Friday, September 25th, 2009

from theweeklybrew



For the 306 million Americans who don’t know what those letters mean I’ll explain. GABF stands for Great American Beer Festival.

For beer geeks the GABF is like Comi-Con. It is our Mecah, our Star Trek Convention. It is the holliest event in beer geekdom. 46,000 beer snobs come out of the wood work to get their pictures taken with rockstar brewers, sample unique one off beers, and generally act…. Well, geeky.

The GABF was founded in the 80’s by Charlie Papazian. It was a small festival back then with only 22 breweries participating. Back then it was like many of our smaller festivals today. Now though it is a behemoth that causes beer geeks to cream their jeans. With over 490 brewers at this years clan gathering, and the numbers going pretty much up every year.

As a beer geek I find it hard to be snarky and critical of this event. While it’s easy to laugh at the way we act during brewery tours, it’s another thing to mock the GABF. It’s like a Catholic mocking the Virgin Mary.

Still though there is a dark side to the GABF for beer geeks. The reality is they really do let just about anyone into this festival. There are booths for Blue Moon, In-Bev, PBR…. Also many of the smaller brewers aren’t necessarily making great beers. Still though Beer Geeks speak of this event in hushed tones, and anyone who dares to bring up the fact that there are mediocre beers at this festival is bound to be excommunicated.

I guess I should just be happy we don’t dress up in costumes at our festival….


Pic from The Beer Here