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Weekend Events

Friday, March 13th, 2009

pintonbar1As most everyone knows St Patricks Day is coming up on Tuesday, the revelries though will start today for many people. Don’t be sad if you can’t make it to Ireland for the fun though as there’s plenty to do here in Oregon. So as Al Roker always says, “Here’s what’s going on in your neck of the woods.” I’ve always wanted to use that in a post 🙂

Perhaps the biggest event we have here is the Kell’s Irish Festival in Portland. Today at 5:00 pm they will kick off their 19th year of celebrating St Patrick’s in Portland. On Saturday the tent out back opens up, and the real festivities begin. People who swing by will be treated to the sounds of bagpipes, live music, and get to watch the Maher World-Champion Irish dancers.  The tent opens to minors from 11:30 am – 5:00 pm, and there’s no cover charge until 6 when ZOO2 plays. The following day Everclear will be playing, with a $20 cover, and Zoo2 will be giving a free concert on Monday. Tuesday however is when the real festivities start. There will be performances by ZOO2 (notice a theme?), Needfire, The Real Shindig, and others. I have no clue what the cover is for Tuesday, but it certainly sounds like the time to go. If you can’t make it to Portland, or a crowded tent full of drunk concert goers isn’t your thing there will be plenty of other events around Oregon. Eugene’s Sheldon High School is holding it’s 32nd Run for the Shamrock at Alton Baker Park, and all proceeds go to the schools track program. Portland also has it’s own Shamrock Run at Waterfront Park. Also you can always swing by the closest Irish pub and have a pint. If your looking for one here’s a list to choose from. If your in Salem where there are no Irish pubs try McMinnimans or Porters.

Kell’s Irish Pub– Portland
Pady’s Bar and Grill– Portland
4 Daughters Irish Pub– Medford (good beer selection)
Nana’s Irish Pub – Newport
New Old Lompoc – Portland
Paddy Brannan’s Irish Pub – Ashland
O’Donnels Irish Pub – Eugene

International Spotlight Ireland

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

guinesstoucanWith St Patrick’s day coming up I felt now would be a good time to pay homage to the unique beers of Ireland. When most people think Irish beer It conjures up images of Guinness and the green Budweiser that we serve in the states. The reality though is that Ireland’s beer culture is far richer then that. Ireland is known for the maltiness of their beers and the roasty flavors they have, rather then the hop flavors of American craft beers. The reason for this is that hops are not native to Ireland and the change to them was slow. Because hops weren’t traditionally used many of their beers get their bitterness from the roasted grains. Ironically Ireland owes much of it’s history in beer to England. The stouts that we attribute to the Irish are actually English in origin. Another misconception is that everyone in Ireland drinks stout. Although stout once was the more common a long time ago it’s been overtaken by lagers. Generally Ireland’s traditional beers are broken down in three groups, Irish reds, stouts, and lagers.

Irish Reds –Usually these will have malty flavors and a bit of roastiness. Murphy’s and Smithwick’s are good examples

Stouts –These are gonna have that bitterness from the grain with coffee and chocolate malt flavors. If you can, try Murphy’s or O’Hara’s. If those aren’t available you can go with the classic roastier Guinness, or thicker maltier Beamish.

Lagers – For most people in the states there is only one Irish lager, and that’s Harp. These lagers should have a bitterness up front, followed by a smooth finish.

If you want to get creative with your beer many Irish pubs in the states will serve some interesting beer mixers.

Black and Tan –Half stout and half ale. The beer stays separate giving it a cool look

Shandy – This is simply beer and lemonade. The combination isn’t as weird as it sounds

Black Velvet –If you really want to celebrate this one might be your choice. It’s Guinness and Champagne.