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Venti’s Is 14

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

vtweetVenti’s is now turning 14. I know what your wondering, “If their 14 then why did you right a 1st anniversary post?” Ok, maybe you aren’t wondering that. Venti’s is now 14 years old, and in ’09 celebrated their 1st anniversary in their new location. Venti’s has some of the best beer rotation in the valley considering they only have 8 taps. Thaine does an amazing job. That’s why they have my loyalty and support.

In honor of turning 14 Venti’s is asking their fans to leave comments on their blog of your favorite memories and will pick their favorite and give the commenter a $20 gift certificate. Here is what I wrote.

Venti’s is special to me not because of the fries or food, but because of the people involved with it. I’ve known Conrad and Bobby since highschool, and there always seems to be old friends and acquaintances there. This makes it hard to pick a favorite memory so I’ll go with two.

1. Venti’s 1 year anniversary at the new location occured shortly after I started my beer blog. For awhile I’d been trying to catch Dino at Venti’s when he wasn’t busy working so I could do a interview about the tap selection. About this time Leslie sent me an email about me possibly writing a small piece for my blog on the 1 year anniversary. I grabbed my friend Bill, my laptop, and we headed in on our way to a football game that day. Of course everyone was busy as usual so we grabbed some food and headed to the basement to eat. I figured I’d just make something up since it looked to busy to talk to anyone. Next thing I know Leslie and Jack are at the table with us. We had a great time talking and Dino even managed to snag some free time for a bit before they all went to another table to eat with family. Since then Jack and I have emailed and commented back and forth about beer as he continues what he calls his beer education. That short chat in Venti’s basement snagged me not only a loyal reader, but I met an awesome guy who I enjoy discussing beer with.

2. After a stressful day at work I headed into Venti’s for a pint to help me wind down. I’m used to only having enough time to order one pint on work days because I’m off at 10pm, and by the time I get to Venti’s it’s usually last call. This day however Thane was bar tending, and it was busy enough he was keeping it open a little later. In between his serving drinks Thane and I spent what felt like hours discussing great beer. In reality it was probably only an hour. Thane is one of the most knowledgeable people in Salem when it comes to beer, and is more knowledgeable then probably 95% of the Portland crowd. It was great to talk with the man behind Venti’s great beer taps.

Notice my 2 favorite memories involve geeking out over beer??? 🙂

Potential Reasons Florida May Suck

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Last night I got a great email from Jack Box (aka jbx, jrbox) Jack is the father in law of Dino Venti and father of Leslie Venti, the owners of Venti’s in Salem Oregon. Many people here feal that the Venti’s are the best purveyors of craft beer in Salem. Jack has been self educating himself on great Northwest beer and contributes regularly to the Venti’s blog. He’s a great guy. Anyway, Jack sent me this and we got it tossed up on here. It’s funny until you realize Jack will be stuck in this black hole without great beers, especially the craft lagers he loves. If anyone has any suggestions for Jack on what to drink down there I’m sure he’d appreciate them.

This week we leave Oregon to winter in Southwest Florida in our modest condo in Englewood, Fla.

Since I am working on my MBA, Master of Beer Appreciation, I used to search on |brewery| and |brew pub| in the Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myer, Naples, Florida region.

Bottom line:

There is a drought of ‘local / craft’ beer in Florida.

The nearest confirmed brewery is in Sarasota [26 miles]; the 2nd nearest, Ybor City [ 88 miles]; 3rd nearest, Dunedin [95 miles].

There are outposts of national brewpub chain sprinkled about the state.  A ‘Hops Grill and Brewery’ brewpub in Fort Myers, 60 miles distance, will likely become a way-point when we travel south on the I-95.

This dire situation spawned an attempt at comic relief, below:

You know your not in Beervana when
– the brewery’s signature beer is named ‘Gator Ale
– the brewery’s signature beer is named ‘Alligator Ale’
– it is never cool enough to produce clean lagers and/or to cold condition lager
– the brewery’s water source is Lake Okeechobee
– the bitterness value of the IPA is 45 IBUs
– the ‘I’ in IPA refers to Seminoles Indians not India in Southwest Asia
– ‘Old Ale’ refers to age not style
– brewpub reviews emphasize the ‘early bird special’
– the brewpub offers all 8 variant of Budweiser and 3 of the 12 variants of Michelob
– the gruit ale bitter agent is citrus juice and zest from the tree in the brewers back garden
– the brewpub offers ‘named’ blends / mixes of beers

Other indicators are welcome.