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Being Honest About An Honest Pint

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

large_honestpintI hadn’t weighed in on this issue despite the news coverage it’s gotten simply because it’s been covered fairly well already. The problem is most of the coverage has been positive.

Back when I found Jeff Alworth  had started an “Honest Pint Project” at beervana I was strongly in favor of it. Jeff had an idea whereby bars would be encouraged to serve an honest 16oz pint thanks to a locally supported project. As I understood it bars, teverns, pubs, and breweries could sign up, show they were honest, and receive a sticker and some promotion by joining. Then all the local beer drinkers would know that these places with a sticker supported the locals by giving them what they paid for. Somewhere along the line though this was turned into a political issue and now I hate it.

Jules Bailey from Portland apparently awoke one day and realized this could help his political career. After all, why else would a lawmaker take a local cause, turn it into a law, and not even add penalties for people violating the law? Lawmaker after lawmaker gave touching comments about protecting the consumer. So what does this law entail that makes it better then Jeff’s community project? Well first it passes a law saying people can voluntarily serve you a full 16oz pint, but they don’t have to. If you want to obey the new law then the (overburdened as the Oregonian put it) OLCC will come out and check your glasses and, if you pass muster, give you a neat sticker to put on your door or window. So how is this bill any different from the initial “Honest Pint Project”? Well it’s different because instead of it being supported by the beer drinkers and bars themselves it will be funded by you the taxpayer, weather you drink or not.

Is this really something Oregon should be discussing in any economic climate, let alone one where everyone is claiming they don’t have enough funding? Is missing 2oz out of your glass really worth passing a law over? For crying out loud people the law is voluntary. If the bar you’re currently going too wants to use cheater pints they will. Will anyone out there honestly stop patronizing a bar without a sticker? While we’re at it why not ask ourselves when the stupidity will end? When bars are certified, but still use cheater pints will we blackball them? Or will we pass a law about that? What about when some smart bar owner makes his own copy of an honest pint sticker and throws it on his window? Will we make a law about that? Will we eventually end up like Europe where they tell you what size of glasses you have to buy?

I hereby ask Jeff Alworth, and everyone who supports their local pubs, to start another community initiative on top of the OLCC’s. Give bar owners an incentive to join with a website or something that will give them publicity and allow them to buy into it. Create a movement that shows Oregonians can get things done without passing a law!