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Roth’s Keizer

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

rothslogoA couple days ago I went to the Keizer Roth’s to get some dinner stuff and noticed their beer isle has been re-done. It used to be that their bombers occupied more shelf space, with the first bit of the isle occupied by imports. Well it looks like most of the imports are gone, and the bombers consolidated to a smaller area. This is good and bad. Many of the beers I enjoyed grabbing on my way home are now absent, but there is a better selection of Northwest beers, including a line up of Pelican beers. My main complaint is still the lack of attention Roth’s (World Market is guilty too) pays to limited releases. In fact I still have yet to find Deschutes seasonal Twilight there.

Another good thing is that there were two carts full of beers on clearance near the back of the store. Most of them weren’t beers I enjoy sadly, but there were some. The average price of these six packs was 5.99 each. That’s not bad. I just wish they’d put those discontinued bombers in the clearance cart.

I picked up a bottle of Firestone Walkers DBA and a bomber of scottish ale from Pelican. I was quite pleased with the Pelican… The DBA…. Not so much. I can’t wait to pick up some more of Pelicans award winning beers though.

So overall reaction to the new selection? Meh. Roth’s will never replace Capitol Market.