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Bottom Of The Belgian

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009


There are some beers that are supposed to be crystal clear with low yeast flavors, and there are others that should be be loaded with some strong funky yeast esthers. The problem is though that many great beers are bottled in 22oz bombers and the slightly larger 750ml bottles. While writing my review of Long strange tripel I was reminded of this problem. One of my complaints was not enough yeast flavor. By the time I hit the bottom of the bottle where the yeast was in suspension though the beer was fairly opaque and funky. The problem with this is that the first drink lacked a strong yeast flavor, and the last to much.

Therefor I hereby submit that contrary to the American fad of 22oz bombers, good beer should be bottled in 12oz bottles. This allows the drinker to swirl the yeast back into suspension before drinking if they choose, and also allows the drinker to taste multiple bottles in a single session. Another side effect of good beer being bottled in 12oz would be that a beer like a imperial stout or Belgian saison could easily be consumed during a lunch break without a worry. Sadly though more and more breweries are releasing their unique beers in only 750ml and 22oz. Can anyone explain why breweries do this??? It makes absolutley no sense to me other then a marketing standpoint.

My First Written Review

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


One thing I’ve been adamant about is that this blog won’t become another beer review blog. However the good Dr Wort (incidentally he has a review of this beer as well) has been waiting to critique an actual review from me. I figured it was about time, and with the closing of KCHopheads blog I figured a Boulevard review was in order. I chose Long Strange Tripel


An  Orangish shade of yellow, held a 1/4″ head after initial pour. Very carbonated.


Very fruity with a hint of citrus, subtle herbal aroma, and some strong yeast odors at play


A slightly bitter hit upfront followed by yeast. Some citrus and herbal flavors, especially near the back. Noticeable flavor similar to bitter orange peel. Neutral malt flavor. The malt definitely isn’t the star of this show. Alcohol isn’t very noticeablefor a 9% Belgian beer. My ability to detect the mouthfeel is a little off tonight I guess. Something I ate at work has coated the back of my throat making evertything feel strange going down.


Overall it’s not a bad Belgian. Belgian tripels aren’t generally my favorite, but I might consider buying it again. The yeast and herbal flavors are what really jump out at me and make this beer what it is. If you know what you like in a Belgian tripel then this probably won’t replace your favorite, but it’s much better then many American Balgians I’ve tried, meaning not overly sweet, heavy and bland. Neaded a little more funk and yeast to it with perhaps more upfront malt profile. Give it a try, just don’t expect to reach nirvana when you drink it.