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Seven Brides In Bottles

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I haven’t heard much blog talk about Seven Brides these days, and I’m wondering how often their beers see taps in the Portland area. That’s neither here nor there though. On my way to work today I swung by Roth’s and saw that Seven Brides finally has their main line up in bottles. Roth’s in North Salem had the LPA, Oatmeal Ellie, Lils Pills, Emily’s Ember, and Black Cat Porter. The bottles labels are simple with the same photo used for each bottle with a different color. This though seems to make the bottles more beautiful.

I know in the past I’ve had a love hate relationship with Seven Brides. My first experience involved Lil’s Pills out of a picnic setup at the Cherry City Music Fest. The beer I tried tasted horrible and I swore off Seven Brides forever I thought. Then, somewhere about May, I began training for a group home opening in Salem. The company opening it was located in Mt Angel, and during my trainings there I heard several people rave about Seven Brides beers. Thinking they deserved a second chance I swung by the brewery one day after work. Jeff was friendly and between him and their Ember he won me over as a fan. Over the year I’ve had a few interactions with Jeff DeSantis, and have grown fond of Lil’s Pills, Ellies Ember, and if I’m in the mood the Black Cat Porter. I have however found other beers they make no bueno

Anyway if you can’t find ’em on tap give a bottle a try.

The Seven Brides Brewery

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
Sorry for the quality, my camera stopped working and I had to use my camera phone.

Sorry for the quality, my camera stopped working and I had to use my camera phone.

As I said earlier, I’ve been in Mt Angel all week training. Every afternoon on the ride home I would reach Bethany, and then an internal debate would begin. Should I go east and visit Seven Brides Brewing? Or should I go west and head home. Without fail I chose west every time. Then Friday came and the weather became beautiful. The sun was shining, the wind had died down, and the stars alligned. Friday I went east.

First a bit about my experience with Seven Brides. The first time I’d heard of Seven Brides was when their stout (Ellie Oatmeal) ended up at Ventis. Curious about the new beer I decided that I needed to get out and try it, the idea never got off the ground until after the stout had been depleated though. The next time I had a chance to sample a beer from Seven Brides was at the Cherry City Music festival. The beer was their Lil’s Pils, and wether the beer wasn’t stored well or whatever the reason It wasn’t the greatest beer, or at least that’s what I thought at the time. Later in April I finally managed to try their Ellie Oatmeal. Ellie wasn’t a bad beer, but not what I expected of an oatmeal. Turns out it was in the style of an Irish stout. No wonder it didn’t taste like a typical oatmeal, it wasn’t bad.

Anyway, So Friday I went east. Turns out though that Seven Brides is hard to find. After looking around for it I finally stopped for directions and found out they’d moved. Once I got the new address, 303 S James st (If you have no idea where that is then good luck finding it) I passed it at least 5 times before I stopped at the photography studio at 301. Turns out the brewery was right behind it.

Walking in to the brewery you immediatly realize that when people call it a small local brewery that they aren’t kidding. This place really is small. In fact Jeff told me that if they pushed their equipment they might be able to do 20 bbl. I happened to come on the right day though since they were brewing a batch of Lil’s Pils, and three of the five guys were there. Jeff poured me a beer (their Ember) and we started chatting about beer, homebrew, and how their business got going. One thing that stood out is that these guys are just normal guys who happen to brew good beer.  They aren’t the rock stars that seem to be cropping up much more nowadays. Their Ember was awesome, and they made sure I also tried their porter (Black Cat). Both beers were rockin’. Even if they didn’t make good beer Jeff would have made me an instant fan. The guys were friendly, and who can say no to an oppurtunity to have a pint with brewers.

Inspired by the beers I’d tried, and with a greater fondness of Seven Brides I decided to give Lil’s a second chance. Turns out when the keg is stored and poured right the beer is pretty darn good. Heck it took second place in the peoples choice for Oregon Gardens Brewfest, and who am I to dissagree with the people? If you haven’t tried Seven Brides then I recomend you do. Their website has an on tap list for local places, and you’ll be able to find them at the Mission Mill beer festival if it gets off the ground.